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What Do with Such a Scar? (photo)

The trauma happened early Sept. Given the location of the scar, I cannot use silicone sheet regularly (work during the day, they falling off on the... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Pick Ax Type Scars Type 3 Skin?

I have a few small dots of these scars not from acne, but from too aggressive subcision. After hearing "they'll go away" they have not.... READ MORE

Nasal Trauma and Expected Skin Scar. Preventative Measures? (photo)

I had a facial trauma 3 weeks ago and i had a lacerated wound on my nose and it is healing slowly each day is slightly better r but i am concerned... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for fresh facial trauma scar 1 week old with 10 sutures removed today? (photos)

Area is now closed with steris in place. Most of the edges have approximated well. However there is one rather deep indentation in the center and... READ MORE

4 month old raised trauma scar on chin. Little progress over past 2 months. (photos)

Trauma scar that was sutured too late, now raised. Have massaged nightly, with little progress. Very small amount of occasional pain. Saw plastic... READ MORE

Old Burn On Cheek (photo)

Is there anything to fix an oldburn scar. Red facial veins have developed over the years from the trauma. No pain no swelling. READ MORE

I was wondering how I could improve this traumatic, flat, shiny, discoloured scar on the side of my leg? (Photo)

I know I can't get rid of a full thickness scar but anything to improve it would be amazing. READ MORE

Can a dermatologist help with burn scar? Also have severe ID reaction from trauma of accident (Type I Diabetic). (Photo)

Please any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Was impaled, caught underneath vehicle engine & drug down a hill on 02/07/2014. Due to Type I Diabetes... READ MORE

Recently had a trauma on my forehead. What kind of procedure can treat the scars? (Photo)

Met with trauma on forehead...and the forehead area is scarred...please see the pic....please advise procedures....surgical or what type of procedures... READ MORE

Can Laser scar treatment work for my laceration that I got in December 2015? How much does it cost?

I got punched in the nose in December the trauma caused a automatic laceration on the bridge of my nose 5 months later and I have a small to averages... READ MORE

What is better for this scar, subcision and filler or scar excision and scar revision? (Photo)

Which is better for this scar, subcision and filler or scar excision and scar revision? Its an old traumatic scars 20 years ago, i have tried before 5... READ MORE

I have two quite small keloids due to trauma on my piercings. Should I remove my piercing when I have a keloid? (photo)

One of the two rings did fall as while I was brushing my hair and the size of it shrunk, it is the one below my currently bigger one. I just went to... READ MORE

What can be done to flatten an older, slightly raised trauma scar on the forehead? (Photo)

Four years ago I had a bike accident, hitting my forehead very hard (no helmet) leaving two splits (or lacerations) and a contusion/graze. Both cuts... READ MORE

I had an accident when I was 8 and I had 4 stitches on my forehead. I'm 18 and there is 4 stitch marks on my forehead. (photo)

Ther is 4 stich marks on my irritates me whenever i look into there any cure for removing the stich bothers me a lot.. READ MORE

How can I get my skin healed back together quickly without having my finger lock up since it hasn't moved in weeks? (photo)

I cut my finger on some jagged glass right on top of the very middle joint where my finger curls. It is my middle finger/(bird finger). It has been 2... READ MORE

Depressed scar 3 weeks after trauma. What is the best course of action to resolve this? (Photo)

I incurred a facial laceration 3 weeks ago. I went to the ER and a PS sutured the laceration, stiches removed one week later. I have been doing scar... READ MORE

How can I repair my crooked smile- caused by facial trauma and muscular fibrosis? (Photo)

I was in a car accident a year ago, and my smile is still uneven. I can curl my lips upwards (with force), so I know that it is not nerve damage, but... READ MORE

Type IV facial atrophic scars. Also, the scars are red. How can I reduce this with natural remedies vs. other solutions? (photo)

Two indented scars from trauma. Photos taken today 4 months after. I want to know all possible treatments to possibly improve the eyebrow scar... READ MORE

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