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How Soon Can You Start Applying Scar Creams/oils to Tummy Tuck Scars ???

What are the best products to use to reduce the scar appearance ?? READ MORE

Stitches in the Chin - for How Long? (photo)

Hello, My daughter (4 1/2), split her chin open five days ago (to the bone). She has internal and external stitches in and we are concerned with... READ MORE

When to Remove Scar Surgically on 7 Year Old Child, Wound 2 Month Old? (Photos)

When to remove scar surgically on 7 year old child, wound 2 month old due to fall and impact of floor.Deep y shaped wound on fore head healed leaving... READ MORE

I Have Scars from Cuts/Stitches, How Long Should I Wait for Peels/microdermabrasion?

I was bit by a dog on my face and had to get many stitches, how long should I give my scars to heal before getting microdermabrasion and peels? READ MORE

My Dermatologist Gave Me Scaraway Silicone Gel for Discolored Skin on my Face How Soon Will Discoloration Go Away?

Discoloration occured as a result of allergic reaction, i was given corticosteroid cream which diminished the itching but the redness remained. now... READ MORE

Been 6 Days Since my Skin Graft on my Index Finger Could I Still Smoke Marijuana at All?

Had skin graft done to my index finger wasn't too big of an area i just had it cause i torn my skin off the tip. READ MORE

Prevention of Scarring After Mole Removal -when to Apply the Followings?

Ok so according to dr David Hanson the best strategy is to wait for the brown scrub( made after the removal ) fell down naturally...after 1 week you... READ MORE

Timing To Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears? (photo)

How Long After Surgery Should I Wait to Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears READ MORE

Typically, how long does intralesional kenalog atrophy continue to worsen?

Two weeks after I had a large pimple injected with kenalog twice, an indentation showed up. It is now 6 weeks since the last injection. Do you feel... READ MORE

What to Do About a Small Whitehead Looking Scar Under Eye Post Fat Injection?

Sorry, don't have pic yet but wondered if you could still comment. it popped up immediately after the injection. only under one eye in the hollow... READ MORE

How long does redness from a hydroquinone/retinoid combination cream last?

I have had two thin two year old brown hyperpigmented scars on my forearm treated with hydroquinone 4%. I didn't notice much difference. After seven... READ MORE

How Long After Surgical Incision Can I Have Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I'm having surgery soon and the incision will undoubtedly leave a nice scar. I want to have the scar treated with fractional co2 resurfacing as soon... READ MORE

Workout after scar revision on forehead?

I had scar revision on my forhead 2weeks ago.two 1inch scars.Surgery involved in cutting out the thickened tissue and permanent sutures.Multilayer... READ MORE

Infant. Should Have Fought for a Plastic Surgeon. When Can a Revision Be Done? (photo)

My infant was scratched by a dog on his cheek and required an ER visit. The ER doctor felt that 1 stitch in the center of the cut to release the... READ MORE

How soon can I treat atrophic scars secondary to radio frequency laser burns on face?

Burnt my own face using RF machine that belonged to a friend, 4 wks post buruns on one side of face, I am left with red pigmented skin with atrophic... READ MORE

How Soon After Suture Indents Should Laser be Carried Out?

How soon should laser be done on suture indents? And, what are the risks involved? What type of laser is best for them? It is driving me crazy that... READ MORE

I purchased an ultrasound handheld machine, power of 3mhz. How long should I hold the ultrasound over the scar?

Hi there,I have a 13 month old scar from a revision abdominoplasty. I have purchased an ultrasound handheld machine power of 3mhz.My question is how... READ MORE

Residual Drainage Scars After Lipo Correction

I got 4 really bad looking scars from where the drains were placed after hi def vaser lipo, how soon can I have them surgically corrected? READ MORE

How Much Time Would It Take For a Scar on Scalp To Fade Without Treatment?

I was injured on my head, beneath the hairs, in what time would the scar on scalp vanish? READ MORE

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