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Boil Scars Buttock and Inner Thighs?

I had MRSA about 10 years ago, I had alot of boils on my inner thighs, close to my bikini line and vagina and inner buttock cheeks. The boils tunneled... READ MORE

How Do I Remove an Old Burn Scar on my Left Thigh?

I have an old burn scar on my left thigh when i was 10 years old the iron had fallen on my leg when I was ironing, Because of this I can't wear... READ MORE

I have really bad scars on my inner thighs. Would a skin peel help? (Photo)

I carry really high levels of staff and I have lots of really ugly dark scars and spots on my inner thighs and in my arm pit from them turning into... READ MORE

How to remove black ugly spots on my thighs, legs and hands. (photo)

Black ugly spots gotten from mosquito bites, scractch, wounds coupled with my own bad habit of peeling and scratching them resulting into very dark... READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo to cover up hypertrophic scars? (photo)

I have raised scars on my upper thigh due to self harm when I was younger. They are not keloids but they are definitely raised and textured. They are... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Indented Scratch Scars on Leg?

I have a series of reddish indented/depressed scars from deep scratches on my inner thighs. They are varied ranging from 1-3mm wide and 0.5-4cm long.... READ MORE

Does this bump look like a small keloid scar or a skin cancer? Or something else? Should I have it cut off?

I have a bump on my thigh, it is 5 millimeters in diameter. I used to think it was a pimple but it is not fluid filled. I have small keloid scars... READ MORE

Burn Scar on Thigh? (photo)

I have a burn scar on my thigh from when I was 9. I am now 18. It is very unsightly and I want to know if there is any hope for it to be minimized. I... READ MORE

What Are Some Ways I Can Get Rid Of Scars That Are Lighter Than My Actual Skin?

I have them on my left thigh due to self harm i did approximately 2 to 3 years ago. can you give me a list of like home remedies i could do and... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for 40 Year Old, 3rd Degree Burn Scars? (Photo)

I have 40 year old 3rd degree burns from a house fire on my thighs and stomach. I did NOT receive any skin grafts and now it is considered a"cosemtic"... READ MORE

I burned myself on scalding oatmeal this morning. Any advice on how to treat it? What degree burn do I look to you? (photo)

I burned myself on hot oatmeal this morning (bowl spilled down my legs) and I have burns on each of my thighs, and down my lower leg. The thigh burns,... READ MORE

I have scars from bug bites on my shin and thigh. What can I do?

Bug bites left scars on my legs. What can I do? They are about 5-6 months old and have not faded. I don't believe that they are going to. I would be... READ MORE

Can a scar be reopened or cut out and replaced with a smaller suture scar? (photos)

I have a scar on my thigh that is approx. 5" long and 1" wide from a wound that was not allowed to heal properly. The scar is 9 years old and lighter... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Stitches Scar, 3 Years Ago the Surgery Was Done? (photo)

I had right femur head fracture 3 years ago and it was fixed by screws through surgery. It had left scars on my right thigh . Is it possible to remove... READ MORE

Boils Have Left Ugly Scars

I get really bad boils between my thighs, and on my sides, sometimes under my breast. I haven't had them treated because I don't have health... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Burn Scars Caused by Boiling Water

Hello Doctor, I am 28 years old, and last month a boiling water kettel had fallen on my leg, starting from the thigh my leg was burnt. The wound got... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Blade Cut Marks in Thigh Region?

Around 10 months back, I'd cut myself on my upper thigh. The cuts were not deep but their marks are still there. I've been applying moisturisers all... READ MORE

Burn Scar from Velashape Treatment. What Laser Treatment (and Cost) Should I Look Into?

On 8/29,I got burned from a velashape treatment on my upper left thigh. Today is 9/29 and there is a dark scar. How do I get rid of it?(I also have a... READ MORE

Best Treatment and Price for a Bunch of Scars from Peeled Scabs on my Thighs?

When I was younger (I'm 16 now) I used to pick my scabs and now I have a bunch of scab scars on my thighs (both thighs) and I really want to get... READ MORE

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