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Get a tattoo over a skin graft scar? (Photo)

I have searched around online and seen pictures of people's tattoos on their skin graft scars but the majority of people seem to have a diamond... READ MORE

Chin Scarring? (photo)

Had some chemical peels and acleara treatment and noticed bumpy/uneven skin back in May. Had a lamprobe treatment in June and while all holes are... READ MORE

Will the texture of this scar improve? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op of scar revision. I would like input on my scar. My concern is the indented line in the scar. Does this go away with time? I had... READ MORE

My dermatologist said I have dermal damage/scarring. How can this be corrected?

I have a bumpy texture on my skin (cheeks, temples and forehead) following a RF treatment. My skin now looks like I have old acne scars / orange peel... READ MORE

Treatment for hypertrophic (and some atrophic) back acne scars? (photo)

I've had these scars for about 8 years. For some reason any acne lesion I ever got on my back scarred. Every single one. Even the tiniest black heads... READ MORE

What kind of treatment would be needed to fix texture? (Photo)

I have slight scarring? I think or maybe just some uneven texture and hyper pigmentation that makes it look worse in certain lighting. I don't feel... READ MORE

I would love for my leg scar to be lighter somehow less visible, any suggestions? (Photos)

I was involved in a car accident in 2014 it's not 2017 scar looks way better as time went by but I want to speed process I have bio oil I use on it I... READ MORE

I used fluorouracil cream on my forehead and it left me with a scar, will it heal on its own or will I need laser treatment?

I used cream twice a day for 3 weeks. Area then got infected and has since healed. Scar has a lizard like texture and is very red. Will it shrink in... READ MORE

Will this scar tissue on and aroubd my lip fade away? (photo)

I usually get small grease bumps around my lip . And one day when i feel asleep and woke up it was bigger , my lip was swollen i tried to pop it which... READ MORE

How soon do textures of surgical scars improve?

My plastic surgeon surgically removed a benign bump on my nose, which according to him had a deep root. I have a longer incision than I expected and... READ MORE

Red area on skin post liquid nitrogen burn. Any suggestions? (photos)

My skin is still red 6 months post burn. The wound has healed as far as texture goes and does not hurt to touch. The area is also blanchable. How long... READ MORE

What's the solution for scar tethering?

My scar only had texture problems and minor depressed egdes to start with. After doing sessions of lasers the scar from surface is vitually gone. But... READ MORE

White scar options to improve texture and appearance? (Photo)

The scar used to be red and now has turned white and raised I no longer live any where near professional help so any advice till I can get help to... READ MORE

Treatment for atrophic shin scars?

I have several small indentations and scratch scars from injuries all over my lower legs. I was wondering whether there is anything I can do smooth... READ MORE

Silicone plasters for breast reduction scar?

I've been reading and found mixed reviews on using silicone plasters to reduce redness/irritation/texture of scars after surgery. Would you recommend... READ MORE

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