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Old Scar Treatment with Micropore Tape?

I understand that there is no real study that shows taping scars with Micropore tape is guaranteed to work. However, I have came across so many others... READ MORE

I Need Plastic Surgery for an Oil Burnt Scar on my Thigh Do You Always Have to Take Skin from the Buttocks for the Surgery?

I Need Plastic Surgery for an Oil Burnt Scar on my Thigh Do You Always Have to Take Skin from the Buttocks for the Surgery READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Remove an Old Cut Scar Mark? (photo)

Hello, I have two old scar mark on my forehead ( hit my forehead on the floor) since childhood and I'm trying now to either remove them completely or... READ MORE

Atrophic scar treatment possible after dog attack? (photos)

A week ago I was attacked by a pitbull on the face and neck. My lip was completely split open. I taped it back together and it seems to have healed... READ MORE

Best scar revision suturing technique?

I heard using the subcuticular running suture technique would have the best outcome of a scar? I had doctor did a two layered sticking with an... READ MORE

What is the best method to treat this scar? (Photo)

It's 10 years old the scar. Diagonal shaped and slightly indented. It causes me anxiety and depression. READ MORE

Follow-up: Is there any technique to fix this scar? Or any scar removal cream can help? (photo)

I am so depressed finding ways to get rid of this scar.. please I need help.. I got this scar from previous surgery. The silicon planted to my nose... READ MORE

Is fat injection permanent if placed in small atrophic scar in the nostril? What technique is recognised for permanent results?

I have an atrophic scar about a year old on my nostril from trauma-size of pepper corn as described by surgeon . I wanted to know how permanent will... READ MORE

I have new scars after Endymed Pure treatment. I don't know which method can help me fix it. Please help. I'm desperate (Photo)

I had one Endymed Pure treatment done for my acne scars 1 month ago.And now my face looks worse with new scars caused by the needle wounds.Although... READ MORE

Looking to get plastic surgeons' advice on scar revision and what is best technique to use

Cannot not see from the picture but the scar is raised out alot because the cut was so deep alot of scar tissue has formed under the skin and pushed... READ MORE

I have been recommended 1 treatment using 4 different techniques

I get spots around my mouth and have a few pick axe scars, pores and pigmentation on my cheeks and white lumps along the chin and jaw line. I visited... READ MORE

Scar on foot - heels. Please suggest a method or cream by which I could reduce it (Photo)

I've scar on my heels since 2 years and it used to get dark and I used to remove the ski again and again with caused a dark scar on my heels, suggest... READ MORE

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