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Can Scar Camouflage Tattooing Have Good Results for Large Scar on Face?

I was told that tattooing pigment into my white scar would help hide it. Is there any danger in doing this and is it effective? Any other recommendations? READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo to cover up hypertrophic scars? (photo)

I have raised scars on my upper thigh due to self harm when I was younger. They are not keloids but they are definitely raised and textured. They are... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Cutting Scars On Wrist? (photo)

I have about 3 cuttings scars, hypopigmented. Theyre embarassing and Im tired of hiding them. I was wondering what treatments will effectively fix... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for a Keloid Caused by a Chemical Burn?

I tried removing a tattoo on my upper arm about two years ago by using a chemical removal product.the chemical formed a large keloid along with scar... READ MORE

Will Silicone Scar Away gel be effective in reducing scars from saline tattoo removal? Can I try laser treatments/coverup?

I received 3 saline tattoo removal treatments from august 1st - November 1st. However on my last treatment I think I got hypertrophic scar formation... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tattoo Done on my Right Hand Where I Got Stitches 3 Years Ago?

On 31 dec 2009 i punched a glass door and my right hand got hurt....i had some fight with my parents. I think my right thumb tendon got cut and it... READ MORE

Get a tattoo over a skin graft scar? (Photo)

I have searched around online and seen pictures of people's tattoos on their skin graft scars but the majority of people seem to have a diamond... READ MORE

Can I get my scar removed from my leg? I am worried whenever I wear shorts.

My scar, I tried tattooing because a dermatologist suggested it. Despite the tattoo the scar stills shine and they. The fact that it shines to give... READ MORE

Treatment for scar under tattoo?

I had a tattoo covered a while back and the previous tattoo outline is still visible and raised (hypertrophic scar). I used silicone sheets and the... READ MORE

If there is no better option for surgical improvement, what will happen if I tattoo over scars? (Photo)

I have 2" scars on my upper arm 1-2cm at center. The result of bad ER stitching after I was slashed & didn't get follow up treatment. They're raised &... READ MORE

Tattoo covering tummy tuck scar ?

Dear doctors. I had my tummy tuck 6 months ago . Everything is fine but I consider my scar too high . It is also very dark . I ' ve tried to wear a... READ MORE

Is tattooing over a keloid scar a bad idea? (Photo)

I'm 24 I have had my keloid scar on my chest since I was a about 4 came from a chicken poxs. Have tried laser removal twice with radiation, steroid... READ MORE

Can Raised Scar Be Covered by Tattoo?

Hi, I have a raised red scar about 2.5 inches long on my left arm. I want to put a tattoo on that area to cover it up. Is it possible? READ MORE

Should I get a cosmetic tattoo or a different treatment for this lip scar? (photos)

About 6 months ago I had a cold sore that was ripped off by a bandaid. The skin was a little raw and pink but it healed flat and smooth. The texture... READ MORE

Is this Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring on my hands? (Photo)

I wanted to know if it was Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring that is on both my hands I wanted to get two different tattoos on my shoulders I have some... READ MORE

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