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I got my eyebrows threaded and it left a cut on the bridge of my nose. Could this cause permanent damage? Super paranoid.

I'm almost 3 months post op from rhinoplasty and I've been very careful with my nose, well I got the okay from my surgeon to get my eyebrows done and... READ MORE

Costs of Treating Keloids and Who Should Carry Out Treatment?

I m burnt by acid two years doctor done skin graft,now my scar hill to much.and also itch.i consult plastic surgeon and told it seems to be... READ MORE

Scar from Thyroid Surgery

I am prone to keLoid scars and just went through thyroid surgery. While the incision was relatively small, I'm sure that I will end up with a... READ MORE

Should I have laser treatment or plastic surgery to correct a laser tattoo removal gone wrong? (Photo)

Hello, around 2 years ago I attempted to have a tattoo laser removed on my forearm at a beauty spa. Unfortunately the recovery didn't go as planned.... READ MORE

Is there any natural treatment for deep scar?

I've read many articles about deep scar treatment and most of it say that skin resurfacing or injection will works really great. I'm afraid of... READ MORE

I'd like to ask for advice regarding the treatment/restoration of an old hypertrophic scar. (photo)

It has been caused by a boil under my breast (open wound) around 6 years ago. It is raised and I badly want to make it look normal via any procedure.... READ MORE

Any treatment for visible scars post-epicanthoplasty? (photo)

I had epicanthoplasty 10 months ago. About 2-3 months post surgery I noticed scars forming at the inner corners and below my lower lashline but I was... READ MORE

18-year-old girl: I cut my hands with a blade one year ago? How can I remove these scars?

Though I have tried many home remedies like honey ..I need to do surgery or any other creams will work? READ MORE

Scar after burn - surgery needed? (photos)

Hi, i had a third degree burn 3 months ago, it healed very well with no infections but skin is very red and elevated. Seems to be hypertrophic. Will... READ MORE

What are my options to fix redness from 1 year old surgical scars?

Hello doctors, I have had surgical excision on face to remove a depressed hole a year ago. The surgery went great except the lingering redness. I have... READ MORE

Why is the skin texture and color above and below my stitched wound different? (Photos)

Hallo, i have a question about my surgical wound. I had surgery 6 days ago. Now i realized, that above and below the stitches the skin color and... READ MORE

How can I improve the appearance of this scar tissue? (Photos)

Approx 2 years ago I got a big rash on my inner thigh from a spider bite that left a keloid scar with no muscle tissue underneath. 10... READ MORE

What i have to do for this scratch on my upper lip? (photo)

Please give me solution Shall i go to sergery for that READ MORE

My upper lip has a raised suture scar and is uneven, and my bottom lip is naturally non-symmetric. I'm 21. (photos)

What filler is best? My whole face is pretty much uneven, but my lips are very off centered, and need augmenting and my scar on my upper lip was... READ MORE

I want to cover my left upper lip tiny scar. Any help? (Photo)

How to treat it in best way ? Tattoos , pigments , surgery , thanks dear doctors :) READ MORE

Residual Drainage Scars After Lipo Correction

I got 4 really bad looking scars from where the drains were placed after hi def vaser lipo, how soon can I have them surgically corrected? READ MORE

I had an appendectomy junior year of high school which gave me a scar. Can it be fixed w/ weight loss or is surgery inevitable?

It's clear with no medical background that this is not what should have happened that day. It has been six years and not much has changed regarding... READ MORE

Is my upper right lip scar visible and/or obvious? (photo)

Please be brutally honest, im extremely self conscious. Is my lip shape deformed because of the scar? I can't evet leave my house, it's affecting me... READ MORE

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