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Curing Dettol Burned Sun Exposed Skin? (photo)

I had observed before that putting dettol on a pimple anywhere in the body removed a layer of skin and new skin emerged. I had laser surgery for acne... READ MORE

Can I Put Tape over my Scar for Sun Protection?

Hey i had stiches and know that they took them of i have a scar in the nose and am a runner so i have to be expose to the sun and i was wondering if i... READ MORE

Can Fractional Laser Show 100 Percent Improvement on Acne Scars? Is This Permanent?

I have 3 box scars on my left cheek. they are very close to each other and it looks like a dip over that area.Can these scars be removed and can i get... READ MORE

I fell and scraped my face up pretty bad. Had sun exposure while trying to heal. What's the best option for this scar?

I fell and scraped my face up pretty bad. Now healing I've been using aloe vera plant and mederma on my face everyday to avoid the scar but I've been... READ MORE

I Have a White Scar/Rash Thing on my Face, How Should I Get Rid of It?

Im only 15 years old and i asked my doc, he said it's because of the sun. It's a white round thing on my face (on my cheeks) I was washing my... READ MORE

Scar Darkened by Sun?

I have a small flat scar below my knee, like a little cut about 6mm long, I didn't protect it from the sun and now it is darker than the rest of my... READ MORE

How do I eliminate Valley, dimple look of scar line? (photos)

I had stitches put in 15 days ago (taken out after 6 days) as a result of hitting garage track on end. Ive used fair amounts of aquafor every day... READ MORE

Is general daylight bad for post-surgery scarring?

I know that direct sunlight is bad for scarring as it can cause hyperpigmentation, but what about just normal daylight? I slept last night without... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to lighten this scar?

Unfortunately I come from a very hot and sunny country. I tried to avoid sun exposure as much as possible for the first 4 weeks. It's my fifth week... READ MORE

Cortisone injection problem - HELP!! (photo)

I had cortisone injection (depo medrol 80) one month ago on the vermilion border ( upper lip ) for scar tissue the area above my lip was swollen and... READ MORE

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