Subcision + Scars Treatment

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Best Filler for Chicken Pox and Acne Scars on Temple?

I have chicken pox scars and acne scars on my temples. Which is the best injectable filler to treat those scars? I'm looking for something that... READ MORE

Scar Subcision / Suction

I read an article published in June (very new) that suctioning an area of subcision starting 3 days after the procedure greatly improves the outcome,... READ MORE

Is Subcision Effective On Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I know that they general rule is subcision is effective for "rolling scars mainly and sometimes boxcar scars." But scars vary so much that I'm not... READ MORE

Chickenpox Scars Punch Excision? (photo)

Hello. my name is Laila.. i wanna ask if a punch excision is the option for my deep dark chickenpox scars.?¨ is punch excision the option so i can ... READ MORE

Subcision & Filler, Permanent?

I have a 1 1/2" flat vertical scar on my left cheek, & am interested in subcision with Restylane. However, while one plastic surgeon said that... READ MORE

I am looking for some advice on my facial scars. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I have been working on these scars now for about 5 months, I've had dermapen, subscision and some fillers which unfortunately didnt which as these... READ MORE

What works best for shallow scars? (Photo)

I have shallow scars, mostly on my right cheek. They are also pink in color and pitted. I am thinking of getting subcision done and with it i will do,... READ MORE

Is subcision the best treatment for my old scars? (Photo)

I had a car accident when I was a kid is subcision the best for my scar? READ MORE

Is subcision best for my scars? (Photo)

Also what usually would go on before, during and after the treatment? READ MORE

Are my scars suitable for subcisions?

I had scar revision on my forehead surgical scar and also recently had laser treatment to improve the shiny edgy textures. It really helped my scar... READ MORE

I asked for subcision/filler to prevent tethering and to get less subcision followups. Both were done alone on certain scars?

As the above states,I wanted rolling scars subcision and filler to keep from re attachment. Certain scars were subsized (no filler) Others were just... READ MORE

Is subcision the best solution for the deep boxcar scar that I have on my nose? If not, what would be the best solution? (photo)

Hi, Deep Boxcar Scar on Nose. I was thinking that subcision with a combination of laser treatment would work. READ MORE

Optimal window of time to do laser after scar revision on face? Scar easier to "mold" earlier on?

Is there an ideal window of time to laser a surgical scar on the face that is healing with some indentation? Some places say the sooner the better,... READ MORE

Deep scar on left cheek - subcision needed? (Photo)

I am a 20 year old and I have a scar on my left cheek since I was the age of 10. This is a very uncommon scar and was caused in Afghanistan, I was... READ MORE

Follow up question: Any advice on depressed scar? (photo)

It's been over a year since my last post and the scar has shown little to no improvement. I've had 1 laser treatment from a dermatologist), had a... READ MORE

Can icepick scars be treated with subcision?

Can small icepick scars the size of a pore be treated with subscision or is it used to treat bigger types of scars? Can subscision be performed on the... READ MORE

Strea C10 & E05 for Subscission Treatment Okay?

Hi,I have big scars on my right and left cheeks and pigmentation on right cheek. Actually I am using strea C10 & E05 (pure C & E vitamin) as... READ MORE

Can Chicken Pox Scars Be Treated With Subcision?

First of all: Are chicken pox scars more similar to boxcar scars or rolling scars or to none of them ? Because I was wondering wether subcision is... READ MORE

Subcision Doctor Recommendations in NYC or Chapel Hill, NC Area

I'm a student who lives in NYC and goes to school in Chapel Hill, NC, so I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a dermatologist who is... READ MORE

How to fix stomach scar revision that ended with adhesion and dent? (Photo)

3 months ago I had scar revision surgery on 27yo (gall bladder) scar to remove adhesions and smooth tissue. My surgeon did lipo and fat transfer... READ MORE

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