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Can You Get a Chemical Peel on Your Lower Stomach and Bikini Area?

So I have scaring on my lower abdominal area and scaring from shaving my bikini area. Can these areas of my skin have a chemical peel and if so which... READ MORE

Burns Pigmentation (By Garlic)? (photo)

I had Garlic burns since Aug 25, 2012. Now is about 49, 50 days. The skin is recovered without scar, but I'm worried about I will have permanent Burns... READ MORE

What is a Successful over the Counter Treatment for Scars? (Specifically Scars Left by Mole Removal)

I removed a mole on my stomach, and it has left a reddish scar behind. Is anyone familiar with an over the counter scar fader? (For flat, red, scars) READ MORE

Scar Revision/Stomach Scar from Surgery? (photo)

I have a scar across vertically on my stomach from a previous surgery. what is the best way to fix this and approximate cost? thanks! READ MORE

Are Spray Tans or Self Tanning Lotions Safe to Use on Tummy Tuck Scars?

I'm 32 years old and trying to take better care of my skin. I'm planning to really limit sun worshipping this summer. My tummy tucks scars will only... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Surgical Scar in my Tummy?

I had an intestinal obstruction surgery when i was 8 months old& it left that scar extending from the right side of my tummy to my belly button... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Make These Two Surgery Scars on Stomach Less Visible?

I want to get these two scars completely removed, but i have been told that it is impossible. At least, I want them to be less visible. The scars are... READ MORE

2 very visible crease lines on my stomach (photos)

I have recently realized I have developed 2 very visible crease lines on my stomach (as shown in image). I believe it was developed from my bad... READ MORE

Two Indented Scars on my Stomach From Surgery. What Are My Options? (photo)

I have these two scars on my stomach all my life. They are the result after having several surgeries after birth. The lower scar is from a colostomy... READ MORE

What can I by for burns from a pressure cooker?

I was cooking beans and asked my husband to open the pressure cooker so I could check them. I told him be careful and make sure you let out all the... READ MORE

How do I even skin tone after a rugburn scar?

I have 2 scars, 1 on each side of my stomach from sliding on carpet about 6 months ago. They are about 1" x 1" and are quite dark brown in colour.... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation On My Stomach After Shaving?

Almost a year ago I was experimenting with a razor on my stomach. I didn't know much about shaving back then and irritated my skin like crazy. Now I... READ MORE

What Are My Treatment Options for an Old Incision Scar? (photo)

As a newborn, i was diagnosed with neurblastoma.. The cancer was found in my abdomen area and chest. I have two scars from when they did the surgery... READ MORE

Stomach Scarring Due to 2 Surgeries for Blocked Intestines

What type of surgery would improve the look of my stomach? READ MORE

Scar Treatment for 40 Year Old, 3rd Degree Burn Scars? (Photo)

I have 40 year old 3rd degree burns from a house fire on my thighs and stomach. I did NOT receive any skin grafts and now it is considered a"cosemtic"... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Cover a Surgery Incision Scar? (photo)

Hi. I was born premature so I've had this scar on my stomach ever since I was born. Is there any laser or surgical treatment that can remove this scar... READ MORE

Abdominal Scar Treatment?

Hello Everyone, I have a long vertical scar about 10 cm on my stomach due to the child appendectomy surgery. I actually did a scar surgery revision... READ MORE

Treatments which can improve a hypertrophic scar on my stomach from umbilical hernia operation? (Photo)

First step cortisone steroid injection into the scar 3 months later bad results. Thinning pigmentation damage and left very tender, so I decided to... READ MORE

Scar from Intussusception Surgeory? (photo)

I had a surgery for intussusception when I was 2 years old. It has left a scar on my stomach which I don't mind. But it has indented my stomach quite... READ MORE

Can You Reverse a Scar That is Starting to Hyperpigment?

About 2 years ago I had a tummy tuck. The scars hyperpigmented (with no sun exposure and using scar gel strips). I recently had the vertical part... READ MORE

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