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How Can I Lessen Scarring Inside the Lower Lip?

I had a bike accident a month ago and broke my jaw in two places. Although the swelling has gone down considerably and I am now left with some... READ MORE

Lumenis SCAAR FX treatment? (Photo)

My mother has scar tissue on the left side of her face from over 50 surgeries. (cancer) It is difficult to open her mouth. She has a beautiful smile -... READ MORE

Will my inner lip scar ever disappear? my teeth went through my bottom lip to the outside of my bottom lip, (5 months ago)

I have 2 scars,one on my inner lip, other directly below on my lip line.The one on my lip line has reduced a bit since and so has my inner lip scar.... READ MORE

What can be done about a scar causing a dimple or depression in the facial tissue? (Photo)

The initial injury required 6 stitches. When the stitches were removed I noticed a dimple in my face, which appears every time I smile. I hate this... READ MORE

Best treatment for raised lip lift scar at 3.5 months? (Photo)

Hi doctors! I was wondering what the best treatment would be for a liplift scar that has widened and thickened. I am 3.5 months post op and my scar is... READ MORE

Will my smile heal correctly? (photos)

I was just involved in an accident where my upper lip was cut (see attached). In the ER, the dr. advised that I go to a PS to get it stitched up for... READ MORE

Prevent/minimize scar indentation. (photos)

I had a facial laceration 3 weeks ago. The wound is healing but it appears that it's becoming depressed/indented. Is there a way to prevent or... READ MORE

Car accident left me with a crooked smile and scarred lip- what can I do? (Photo)

I was in a car accident around a year ago. Cut on my cheek and a gash on my top lip that was stitched. I now have a dimple on that side from trauma.... READ MORE

Half of bottom lip won't move when talking/smiling. (photo)

When I was about 3, I injured my lip. I have a small scar in the corner of my mouth. I had never noticed before, but looking at old pictures and... READ MORE

What can be causing my skin to scar and what treatments would work best? (Photo)

I've been getting this scarring and my whole face is now covered in it. Its also starting down by neck and my face and neck get these tingly numbness... READ MORE

Sutures on cheek: Will this get better in time, as the sutures heal

Two weeks ago I had surgery to close a wound on my cheek. The plastic surgeon put sutures under the skin and then another later on top to close the... READ MORE

How can I make this excess lip tissue go away after busting my lip open from the inside and out? (Photo)

I busted my lip from the inside & out . I only had to get 3 stitches but after a year I have a little excess lip tissue & when I smile you can... READ MORE

What type of procedure would I need to fix the scar tissue in my lower lip which makes me have a crooked smile? (Photo)

When I was young, I fell swinging between two tables and my tooth went through my lip. Since then I've had a crooked smile with a noticeable bump in... READ MORE

How can I repair my crooked smile- caused by facial trauma and muscular fibrosis? (Photo)

I was in a car accident a year ago, and my smile is still uneven. I can curl my lips upwards (with force), so I know that it is not nerve damage, but... READ MORE

Scarring or change in smile after stitches at oral commissure? (Photo)

Met with road accident causing gaping hole at corner of mouth and a cut towards the outside (muscle tear happened). Got stitched with 15 microsutures... READ MORE

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