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Cortisone Injection Causing Skin to Lighten

I am an African American and had a mommy makeover almost 9 months ago. I had a breast lift and augmentation but ended up with hypertrophic scarring... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue or Keloid Form Internally Around the Mesh After a Hernia Surgery?

I had inguinal hernia repaired and my skin keloids; I understand keloids are external and it has healed fine outside but it's been 7 months since... READ MORE

How long does it take skin scraped of the nose to grow back? (photos)

Exfoliated the skin on my nose too hard, and peeled off a skin layer or two, it is really read and distinct in a small area of my nose, I have a... READ MORE

Can shallow atrophic scarring be completely blended in to surrounding skin?

I have asked this before and been ignored...please dont give a generic copy and paste answer! can shallow atrophic scarring be completely blended in... READ MORE

I have a red circle from cutting a pimple while shaving, what is the best way to encourage the skin to grow back?

I had a pimple. I cut it while shaving, it bled. It has left a shallow red circle like the top few layers of skin are gone. It has been over a month... READ MORE

How to clear up skin from scars left by Boils?

Hello Mr.Chong here. My wife has been getting boils on her body (thighs,armpits and also under her breast). We have been searching for years now on... READ MORE

The scars that are lighter than my skin. What to do?

Hi, I have 3 scars on my hand. It happened when I was young and stup.d. How can I get rid of these scars that are lighter than my normal skin? thank you READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Scarred Pores from Face Picking?

I'm 17, have had mild acne with no scarring. Unfortunately I'm a compulsive face picker and I used to pick on my blackheads, which left... READ MORE

Wart or Scar Tissue on my Face? How Do I Get Rid of This?

I used to have a medium sized brown wart on my face (cauliflower shape & visible root) The steps I took: - Doctor diagnosed it as a wart, froze it... READ MORE

How Do I Minimize the Amount of Scarring if I Have a 3rd Degree Burn?

Hi, at the age of 7 I was severely burn on my arm. It was a 3rd degree burn and I was required to have a skin graph. Now i'm 17 and i still have... READ MORE

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