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Which is the Best Brand of Silicone Sheeting for Keloid Scars After Breast Augmentation?

I have pretty bad bumpy and red keloids under my breast folds and am getting implants removed along with the keloids. Do heavy implants have any... READ MORE

What works the best for scars, mederma or silicone gel scar sheets?

I've been using mederma on my new scar underneath my breast but I have not been rubbing it into the scar like the instructions du to do so. I've been... READ MORE

Will my Scar Reduce in Redness and Appearance? (photo)

I hot my head on an open window and the wound on my forehead was glued. this scar is now 10weeks old.I am using silicone gel in hope of reducing the... READ MORE

What is the Best Preventative Treatment for Atrophic Forehead Scar? (photo)

Hi, I recently had an injury when a door opened and the edge hit my forehead. This caused a break in the skin which started bleeding. I went to... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for bunionectomy scars? One is a keloid scar (Photo)

Two bunionectomies done in 2012 & 2013. First one he stitched on the outside, leaving a flat keloid. The second one stitched from the inside leaving a... READ MORE

Which Would Work Better on Breast Reduction Scars, Silicone Gel or Silicone Sheets?

I've been researching scar treatments for my upcoming breast reduction, and silicone products are often recommended. Scarprin, a silicone gel... READ MORE

My Dermatologist Gave Me Scaraway Silicone Gel for Discolored Skin on my Face How Soon Will Discoloration Go Away?

Discoloration occured as a result of allergic reaction, i was given corticosteroid cream which diminished the itching but the redness remained. now... READ MORE

Scar treatment options for hypertrophic scars on foreskin of penis. (photo)

I have scars on my foreskin from excessive masturbation without lube. I have tried hydrocortisone cream, vitamin E oil, and silicone scar sheets with... READ MORE

Keloids. Is Steroid or Silicone Sheeting Recommended?

Is steroid injections better than silcone sheeting if you definitely keloid, and is it painful.What are the risks involved? There a a number of areas... READ MORE

A Raised Scar From Freckle Removal. What Can I Do?

Hello, i am 16 and a half now and i had a surgery to remove 4 freckles, two of the freckles were raised so i didn't need any stitches and 2 of... READ MORE

Dog Bite Scar Removal for 3y/o

My son recently got bitten by a dog. It has only been two months(7/03/13). He received multiple stitches and his plastic surgeon was great. Now we are... READ MORE

Will Silicone Scar Away gel be effective in reducing scars from saline tattoo removal? Can I try laser treatments/coverup?

I received 3 saline tattoo removal treatments from august 1st - November 1st. However on my last treatment I think I got hypertrophic scar formation... READ MORE

How Effective the Silicone Sheet in Removing an Old Keloid?

Hello! I have a keloid on my shoulder caused from the vaccination when I was a kid (20years ago). I was adviced by my doctor to use Silicone sheet for... READ MORE

How best to treat this blister to prevent scarring? (Photos)

I wore hold ups with an elastic/silicone band three days ago. I must have shifted & pinched the skin without noticing. After taking them off the... READ MORE

Does silicone gel sheet work on dark skin?

Does silicone gel sheet work on dark skin? black and i've had cut n burned scar when i was young. Im 17 now. Some are lighter than my skin n most... READ MORE

Radiotheraphy or Silicone Sheets to Prevent Hypertrophic Scar from Forming Again? (BL+TT) (photo)

Looking into having a mommy makeover as you can tell in the pic attached I was left with loose skin. At 1st I was convinced on going with a skin... READ MORE

Silicone gel sheet VS Fraxel laser for "Hypertrophic scar." (photo)

Hi Doctor I have the problem about my skin.I have a scar in my arm(Accident).May i ask you what should i do to treat my scar between use Silicone gel... READ MORE

Does the Epi-derm Silicone Gel Sheets Have Expiration Dates. I Have One That Says Date of Manufacture 1/2010

Does the Epi-derm Silicone Gel Sheets Have Expiration Dates.  I Have One That Says Date of Manufacture 1/2010 READ MORE

What Brand of Silicone Sheeting Do You Recommend for Scar Therapy?

I have tried several brands of silicone sheeting to help improve my tummy tuck scar. How can you tell a good quality product from an ok one? I have... READ MORE

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