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When Will Swelling from Mederma Go?

How long will it take for swelling from Mederma to go away? After applying Mederma gel to a scar on my nose, the area around the scar became red and... READ MORE

What happens if I have too much steroids from the injections? Are there any side effects?

I have several keloids on my upper back, ive been getting steroid injections every 2 months for about a year and a half AT LEAST. I'm worried I've had... READ MORE

How long should I wait for laser scar treatment for my son's nose scar? It's been 4.5 weeks. Could there be side effects?(Photo)

Its now 4.5 weeks and I am seeing slight improvement, may be a normal healing. How long can I wait for the laser treatment suggested, His General... READ MORE

Is it normal or not? (photos)

Hi! I have black marks on my back from bed bugs bite, I asked my friend how to fade it and she recommended me to use some faded cream that has a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for an atrophic scar that is superficial and has hyperpigmentation?

I have an atrophic scar, going on 6 months now, that is a result of an inflamed cyst. I understand I cannot get rid of if completely but would like to... READ MORE

Belly Button Hypertrophic Scar-side effects of steroid shot! What are my options? Looks bad and the thinning continues (Photo)

I had major diastasis repair TT (due to large twin pregnancy) about 6 months ago. The large incision healed ok but the scar around my belly button was... READ MORE

Can I put cream on the keloid? Are there any side effects?

I have a keloid in the skin of my penis. And it is due to my circumsicion. It is small. But when I see it. My confidence gets low. READ MORE

What is Biafine Used For?

I have some chemical burn scars on my face that are a few years old. They have discolored over the years and turned reddish. My doctor has done 2... READ MORE

Keloid scar, cortisone injection, side effects. Please help (Photo)

My daughter had a rolled on the quad, nothing was Brocken dust scar, 6 month leather grow keloid , doctor make appointment in hospital, when my... READ MORE

What Are the Negative Side Effects of 5-Fluorouracil?

When using it to reduce scars, what are the side effects of 5-FU? I can only find information on side effects as it is used in cancer treatment. Skin... READ MORE

Can Chicken Pox Scars be Repaired with Co2 Fractional Laser?

I had chicken pox in 2006. Can it be repaired? Co2 fractional laser treatment is that the treatment is cost? Are there any side effects of this... READ MORE

Esthetician removed a brown spot using machine super frecator high frequency. (photos)

The esthetician told me it will be fine it is only high frequency treatment with no side effects and now I have a scar left on my face. READ MORE

Chicken pox scars. I want to know how can i get rid of them? (photos)

Hi! I had chicken pox when i was 15 and still have few scars. Two of which are really prominent, looks more like pits. now that im 26, is only... READ MORE

Is 5fu steroid shot safe?

Hi doctors, Is 5fu steroid shot safe to use on the face for internal scar tissue? What are the side effect? READ MORE

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