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Scar on Tip of Penis - What Can I Do About This? (photo)

I have had this scar on the tip of my penis. I am circumcised. It has been there for as long as I can remember (I think I first remember noticing it... READ MORE

Does peeling of the skin with wax leave a scar?! (photos)

Hello! Yesterday night i waxed my upper lip, ended up by pealing the skin with the wax, and it got really bad, i applied ice to it for a while then... READ MORE

Keloid Scar is Flat Now but Still Big, Need Advice? (photo)

Hello, i would like to know if there is any cream or new treatment to reduce scars. i had a surgery, inyections of kenalog and steroids, why helped... READ MORE

What kind of scars are these and what's the best treatment? They are 6-8 weeks old and one of them is about 3 months old (Photo)

I have included pictures with details but not of me but just like my scars.would microdermabrasion help any bc my skin is very sensitive and i would... READ MORE

How can I bleach hyper pigmentation if I am allergic to hydroquinone?

I want to ask how can I bleach hyperpigmentation caused by PIH like old scars,while I suffer from atopic dermatitis? When I tried a cream with... READ MORE

How to treat pore scarring? (Photo)

I did'nt have large pores until this year and now they merged into lines, and looks like scar. Three big ones in line. What is the best treatment to... READ MORE

I really have no idea what happened to my face, I did research and my face looks like it had a chemical burn. (photo)

My dermatolgist prescribed me oxy sensitive skin face wash, and so far this is the result. I stopped using it. I don't know how to get rid of this... READ MORE

Marks/Spots from Mosquitoe Bites. I've Already Tried 2% Hydroquinone and Cocoa Butter. Are There Any Alternatives? (photo)

I am african american with very sensitive skin. I have spots on legs from mosquito bites, i am embarrassed to show them in minis or shorts. This is... READ MORE

I have a friction(rug) burn scar right next to my eye. What can I do to get the brown tint to go away?

I am an adult female age 49, with sensitive skin. The injury occurred 6-8 weeks ago. I rubbed cocoa butter into it after the wound healed, so it did... READ MORE

I Have Very Sensitive Skin That Got Severely Damaged with Pro Active. Cured Me of Acne,but Severely Scarred the Pores

I have very sensitive skin that got severely damaged with Pro Active.Pro Active cured me of Acne,but severely scarred the pores in my nose and cheeks... READ MORE

Which Treatment is Good for General Body Skin?

Hi,(first of all excuse my english) i'm 21 years old, and i have a lot of scars and big birth spots all over my body, also different skin colors,... READ MORE

Can I Go with Fraxanal Laser Again ?( to Remove Post Burns)? (photo)

I have two post burns on my face actually these two appeared 3 years back when i used lemon juice daily. now i am taking fraxanal laser(i think its... READ MORE

What can I do to clear my skin up? Very sensitive skin! (Photos)

I have very sensitive skin. One bite from a bug or scratch leaves a scar that doesn't seem to go away. I recently got alot of bites from bed bugs and... READ MORE

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