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What Can I Do to Remove This Nail Scratch Mark? (photo)

It's not a scratch anymore, It's a mark on my left cheek and I really don't want it.. I'm only 14 years old and got it like 2 years ago or well in 7th... READ MORE

Will Infant Scratches Leave Permanent Scars?

My daughter scratched herself twice on the cheek when she was two weeks old. Both cuts drew blood and I applied Neosporin a few times initially.... READ MORE

I have a minor scar. Will this be permanent or will this pink skin fade away? (Photo)

I got scratched and its been about 3 weeks now since the incident. Will this pink scar fade away? READ MORE

Treatment Options for Indented Scratch Scars on Leg?

I have a series of reddish indented/depressed scars from deep scratches on my inner thighs. They are varied ranging from 1-3mm wide and 0.5-4cm long.... READ MORE

White Scars Chest? (photo)

Since my teenage years I've always had the impulse to scratch my chest, causing the little acne I had to turn into white dots. I have been so bothered... READ MORE

How do I remove my scratches on my face?

How i remove my scratches on my face.There are too much.The scratches on my face was scratched by fingernails of my cousin at childhood but... READ MORE

I Have Scars on My Face from Scratches? (photo)

I want to know that, My skin have some nails scrathces so please let me know is it possible to remove this nails scars (scratches) if yes, so how many... READ MORE

My 3 year old son has an 8 month old scratch when we were playing. It's left a scar. What should I do?

My 3 years old son had a scratch when we were playing (nail accident) and it's been 8 months ago I let it healed properly but now u still can see the... READ MORE

Accidentally scratched eyelid during chickenpox, crater doesn't seem to be scabbing, how do I prevent a scar? (photos)

As mentioned above I accidentally scratched my eyelid which had a rash on it in my sleep and made a small wound on it. At that time the rash was very... READ MORE

Could a small scratch leave a scar on 4 year old boy's face?

Small scratch in face of 4 year old boy not bleeded at all and tried to make scab 2 times but removed by accident and now it is little red and... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Dark Scars??

I has such an itching in the winter I have been scratching my legs so much i have dark scars how do I remove it? READ MORE

How to Fill Nail Scratches Scars On Face?

My small brother scratch my face when i was 5 yrs old now i m 20 now the scars still persists possibly the scars are because of lose of dermis how can... READ MORE

Is this a scar? If possible how do I treat it? (photos)

As you can see there is this reddish strip on my penis which originated from me accidentally hurting my penis from scratching, is this a scar? If so,... READ MORE

Facial Nail Scratch Scars to Child's Face - Best Treatment (photos)

I am looking for the best treatment to minimise/remove these shallow /superficial nail scratch scars from my 9 year old child's face. They occurred... READ MORE

How can I get rid of scars and fungus all over my body?

Hi, i have scars all over the body and fungus at the same time, the scar came from fungus because I scratch them to make me feel better. how do i get... READ MORE

I have a bad cat scratch on my face. How should I treat it? (Photo)

I'm a vet tech and a cat bolted out of the cage today and scratched my face with his back foot. I went to the ER and they put one stitch in my eye lid... READ MORE

What is the best way to prevent a scar from forming after a nail scratch on my face?

I got hit in my face from brother's hand and his nail teared my i got the blood and made first aid and i need to know what should be done to... READ MORE

Red blotch on nose? (Photo)

A month or so ago I was constantly squeezing blackheads and such from my nose, and I had one that was very deep on the tip of my nose. I ended up... READ MORE

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