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Hard Scar Tissue and Horizontal Bump on Lip After Lip Scar Revision

About 2 years ago i was hit in the mouth playing hockey. My lips were split and immediately stitched up, luckily the cut had not gone above the lip... READ MORE

Can You Fix Scar Tissue That Has Distorted Lip?

Daughter fell and teeth ripped thru under lip and partly on bottom lip. She was stitched in the emergency room and outside healed well. At 4 weeks I... READ MORE

How to Address Scar Tissue Under Skin?

If you developed a scar tissue under the skin, what will the body do to heal this? Will there always be a swelling spot? Thanks READ MORE

Will Hematoma Result to a Scar Tissue?

A baseball hit me hard in the left cheek, leaving me with a black eye. The bruising has since subsided, but I was left with a bump that I believe is a... READ MORE

Excess Scar Tissue From Lip Injury: What Are my Options?

About 8 years ago I was in an accident that resulted in my top lip being split in half. I immediatley went to the hospital and received 16 stitches on... READ MORE

What is this painful hard lump after cesarean section? (Photo)

I had twins by c section 2007. I developed this bump shortly after my recovery. It is 1inch by 1/2 inch in size. It is located just above the left... READ MORE

Should I Have Hard Scar Tissue Cut from my Lip? Worried About Further Scarring. (photo)

Two months ago, I blacked out from food poisoning and bit my lower lip both inside and out and required stitches. I have now a visible scar as well as... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After Lip Picking? (photo)

How can I get rid of the scar tissue that I got after I picked my lip continously for a couple of weeks? The scar is white and not flat. Is there... READ MORE

Kenalog Overdose for Scars - 40 Instead 10mg?

I have scar tissue yr after surgery near ear/jaw, 2 lumps each 1.2 cm2. My Dr took kenalog directly from vial (no dilution) and injected 0.25 mL... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue or Keloid Form Internally Around the Mesh After a Hernia Surgery?

I had inguinal hernia repaired and my skin keloids; I understand keloids are external and it has healed fine outside but it's been 7 months since... READ MORE

Kenalog 40 Injection?

What would be the appropriate amount of time to uses Kenalog 40/Cortisone injection for excess scar tissue & neuroma removed from the Upper Lip?... READ MORE

Is Scar Tissue Drier Than Normal Skin?

Just wondering if scar tissue is generally drier than normal skin. I'm told that the renewed skin resulting from resurfacing procedures is... READ MORE

Will Ultrasound Help Soften Scar Tissue?

Will ultrasound (as used by Physical Therapists) help soften scar tissue? As in a hypertropic or surgical scar? If so how often is good to use it? READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Burn?

I have a small burn scar on my face. It's not that noticable physically but there's a small burning sensation in it from time to time. It... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for scar tissues resulted from infected skin abscess? (photo)

I had an infected skin abscess in my face a few years ago and now there are hard balls and swelled up tissues inside my right cheek. When I smile, the... READ MORE

Scar Tissue VS Normal Skin?

I'm told that the renewed skin resulting from resurfacing procedures is actually scar tissue. If scar tissue is generally drier than normal skin does... READ MORE

How can I break up scar tissue and adhesions in my face post parotidectomy? (photo)

I am 3 months post parotidectomy for a pleomorphic adenoma. I had developed a seroma/sialocele 1 week post-op, and had needle aspirations and wore a... READ MORE

Ways to Correct Internal Scar Tissue in Cheek?

I got the scar tissue in my cheek (from wisdom teeth extraction that got infected) 4 years ago, I had lots of massages to manage the swelling but it... READ MORE

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