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Which Scar Healing Products Post Mohs Surgery on Forehead?

Can you please let me know what you think about my using scar healing products for my Mohs surgery scar on my forehead? I had my stitches removed a... READ MORE

When Can I Get Laser or Chemical Treatment for Acne Scars After Accutane?

I am another victim of nodular acne, and thanks to Accutane, that problem was taken care of. Except for the scars. I don't have a large amount of... READ MORE

Keloid treatment using SRT-100. Will this give me a permanent cure?

I have keloids all over my body. Chest, shoulder, and in the private area which I assume is from the hair. What are the chances of a 'cure' or... READ MORE

Are Spray Tans or Self Tanning Lotions Safe to Use on Tummy Tuck Scars?

I'm 32 years old and trying to take better care of my skin. I'm planning to really limit sun worshipping this summer. My tummy tucks scars will only... READ MORE

It's day 10 and the glue isn't falling off. How can I tell if it's healed? Is it safe to remove myself at this point? (Photo)

I had an accident and ended up having to get dermabond on my wound. It itches a bit on and off. It only hurts now when It's touched. Today marks day... READ MORE

Is there a limit to how many cortisone injections in a scar is safe?

I had a piercing scar hypertrophic in nature treated with cortisone injections three times at one month intervals. It has improved but still is not... READ MORE

Would Tri Luma be safe to use on breast augmentation scars?

I am currently using tri-luma for a couple brown spots on my face. it occurred to me after I left my dermatologist that I may be able to use it on... READ MORE

Is it safe to use two scar gel together?

I have both biocorneum scar cream and skinmedica scar recovery gel. The main ingredients of skinmedica scar gel is centelline and I'm wondering if... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best and Safest Way on Minimizing Two Scars on my Forehead? (photo)

I had bicycle accident about 15 years ago, resulting in having two flat scars on my forehead that aren't deep. i barely feel them if i move my finger... READ MORE

Aggressive scar treatment for darker skin. Are there any safer treatments than ablative CO2 laser? (Photo)

I have a pervasive case of acne scarring, have had fraxel treatments and was told that an ablative CO2 laser was the only thing that could now help... READ MORE

Is keloid treatment safe for the face?

I am an African-American female who has a keloid scar from an abusive situation (ended twenty years ago) that is now almost twenty-four years old. I... READ MORE

Any (permanent) solution to long depressed scars between brows? (Photo)

I have two long depressed scars between my brows that seem to be only getting worse over time. They're both old scars, but definitely look... READ MORE

When can I go for eyebrow threading after stitches in eyebrow? (Photo)

I met an accident about one month ago and get stitches in left eyebrow, just want to know after how many days I will be able to go for eyebrow... READ MORE

Are scars safe to have on your groin area and is it going to grow?

I've had a scar since I was ten located in my groin area; I got it from surgery (mole removal). I didn't notice I had this scar until recently (I'm... READ MORE

Microneedling. I'm asking "how" these little scars that have been left can be fixed safely or will they go away in time? (photo)

I have been left with scars from 4 microneedling sessions. They are tiny little scars everyplace and yes scarring has been reported with this... READ MORE

Bee venon therapy to soften scar tissue - is it safe to try?

I read that bee venom injected into adhesions can soften them. i have adhesions in my cheek due to hematoma and a year later i still have a thick band... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars and Makeup

I want to have a laser scar removal treatment but do not know which type is suitable for me. I think there might be some nodules/pus deep inside my... READ MORE

Cut marks in forehead. Is laser treatment safe? (Photo)

Sir I have a cut marks on my forehead.reason some how cut by me in childhood.But year by year it getting more deep .I want to remove it please suggest... READ MORE

Is it safe to apply 20% urea cream to my face to treat a scar between my eyebrows?

I was wondering if it is safe to apply 20% urea cream to my face. I have a scar I would like to try to soften between my eyebrows, but I am worried it... READ MORE

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