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Hard Scar Tissue and Horizontal Bump on Lip After Lip Scar Revision

About 2 years ago i was hit in the mouth playing hockey. My lips were split and immediately stitched up, luckily the cut had not gone above the lip... READ MORE

How to Revise a Circular Scar Around Belly Button

2 months ago i had an abdominoplasty, which has been great - except the belly button. As you can see from the attached image, the surgical scar i have... READ MORE

Scar Revision Post-Op 2 Week? (photo)

Hi, I just had scar revision on a cluster of depressed scarring on my forehead. My doctor suggested he cut out the scarred skin from the and suture... READ MORE

I’m Ready to Remove the 15year Old Scar/skin Graft on my Shin

I had melanoma removed in the early 90's and they took out a large circle, the size of a soda can, right on/next to the bone and put in a skin... READ MORE

Depressed Scar On Forehead Since I Was Two. Scar Revision Did Not Work? (photo)

I have had depressed scar on my forehead since i was 2 years old,i fell down and got cut by glass, surgeon put some stitches that are so obvious, now... READ MORE

How Long Before Scar Revision Scars on Face Heal?

I had scar revision on my cheeks. The scars now look worse. They are indented. How long will it take them to get better and will they eventually fill in? READ MORE

Scar Revision From Excision On My Forehead. What To Do? (photo)

I am 7-week post op after my PS excised a region of skin containing acne scarring from my forehead. I am really concerned that a very noticeable,... READ MORE

Revision of Pacemaker Implantation Scars? (photo)

Although I've had a pacemaker since I'm 5 (now 42), this is the first time I've had it implanted through an incision near the clavicle. I have twin... READ MORE

Sunken Facial Scar Need Advice for Improvement/Removal? (photo)

I have a 10 year old sunken scar from a botched punch excision for a pox scar from a Dermatologist. After the original excision was performed the... READ MORE

Double Butt Cheek After Scar Revision

I had a lipo scar that was placed under my ass cheek about .5 cm too far down to match the buttocks' natural crease. A revision made it nicer but... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Face! Which Would Give the Best Closure Results Dissolving Sutures Used with Dermabond or Permanent Sutures?

Im having a scar revision on my face the scar is by the bridge of my nose and goes by eyebrow ill need about 15-20 stiches. My surgeon said he was... READ MORE

Spleen/Tail of Pancreas Removed Due To Rare Cancer. Had Scar Revision, but Would Like Another? (photo)

I had my spleen and tail of pancreas removed due to rare cancer 18 yrs ago by military docs. The scar developed a ledge for lack of a better word and... READ MORE

Post Scar Revision Treatment on Cheek

I had a scar revision on my cheek, it is 6mm long not in a natural crease. It has been 5 months it isnnt very red anymore but the incision line is... READ MORE

How soon can I revise a columella scar after rhinoplasty?

How soon can I revise a columella scar after rhinoplasty? I learned from answers I got from doctors that I need to wait for a year at leas to revise... READ MORE

Infant. Should Have Fought for a Plastic Surgeon. When Can a Revision Be Done? (photo)

My infant was scratched by a dog on his cheek and required an ER visit. The ER doctor felt that 1 stitch in the center of the cut to release the... READ MORE

Removal of Silicone Butt Injections and Severe Scaring? (photo)

I made the mistake of receiving silicone butt injections a few years ago and have been left with very unsightly scars as a result of an infection from... READ MORE

What is the Procedure for Tummy Tuck Scar Revision?

I am thinking that I may request a TT revision since 1 side of my scar is so high. I wish my PS would have just went further around my side instead of... READ MORE

Indented horizontal 1/2" forehead scar revision suture technique? (photo)

I've received 2 opinions below 1) deep dermal sutures to reduce tension and promote wound eversion with horizontal mattress sutures on the surface for... READ MORE

Why Won't Make Up Stay on my Scars After Scar Revision? Should I Continue Treatment or Try a New Procedure Elsewhere? (photo)

I had two hypertrophic scars on my chin that had the texture of an orange peel. I went to a dermatologist and she used a cauterizing laser on them.... READ MORE

Scar on the Nose. What Do You Recommend For Treatment? (photo)

I have a Mediterranean to dark skin color. I had a scar on the tip of my nose due to a Leishmania when I was only few years old. About 10 years ago I... READ MORE

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