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Piercing Hole Remains After Removing 1 Year Ago?

I got my top lip peirced abou a year ago, i decided to take it out and it has left a hole there. is there anyway that it can be surgically repaired in... READ MORE

Can acupuncture scar therapy help repair deep scab wounds (0.01-0.02 ml deep)?

Hi, long story short, I was bitten by an unknown insect on the middle of my forehead and it started swelling up and eventually formed a scab. I... READ MORE

My dermatologist said I have dermal damage/scarring. How can this be corrected?

I have a bumpy texture on my skin (cheeks, temples and forehead) following a RF treatment. My skin now looks like I have old acne scars / orange peel... READ MORE

Can this abdominal scar be repaired? If so, how normal will it look? (photo)

I was born in 1992 with Gastroschisis. The older I get the more uncomfortable I am with the scar. I just want to know something like this could be fixed. READ MORE

My 2 year old daughter had a major injury 2 weeks ago and received stitches to repair the damage. Any suggestions?

I started applying Maderma to protect the area from the sun but I don't think Maderma can do much for such a big laceration. Please look at pics below... READ MORE

I underwent superficial parotidectomy - need to make surgical scar invisible. (photo)

I underwent superficial parotidectomy for pleomorphic adenoma one year ago,where the surgeon was not concerned cosmetically. i would like to get the... READ MORE

I used fluorouracil cream on my forehead and it left me with a scar, will it heal on its own or will I need laser treatment?

I used cream twice a day for 3 weeks. Area then got infected and has since healed. Scar has a lizard like texture and is very red. Will it shrink in... READ MORE

I had my Achilles’ repair and it left a long huge scar. What can be done to help the scar? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon and he gave me medication to put on it and it got worst. Please help me to get a normal looking foot :(:(:( READ MORE

Scar repair treatment options? (Photo)

I was attacked by a dog at age 2. A plastic surgeon closed the wound to my face and no work was done until 2010 while I was on active duty. I had the... READ MORE

I have scars on my face. How can I repair them? (Photo)

The scars are black,i tried many things but they did not go .if you have a solution then plz tell me READ MORE

Would Punch excision with laser follow up / CO2 be the best way to repair this hole? (Photo)

I'm pretty sure it started as a pimple that I popped to soon and was left with this. I tried the topical creams Which shrunk it a bit, but that's just... READ MORE

Can a damaged nose tip repair itself when it had a deep wound on it? (photo)

How could someone prevent a deep scar at the tip of the nose? READ MORE

How can I repair my crooked smile- caused by facial trauma and muscular fibrosis? (Photo)

I was in a car accident a year ago, and my smile is still uneven. I can curl my lips upwards (with force), so I know that it is not nerve damage, but... READ MORE

Can I use mederma on eyes?

22 Feb my left eye cut with accident and the doctor repair my eye with only stretch marks on eyes so can I use mederma on eyes READ MORE

Can the skin of my fingers be repaired? (photos)

I have been biting the skin of my fingers at a early stage, as i worry a lot now it looks really bad, is their a surgery that cures skin treatment ?... READ MORE

Is there a way to make the scars from ptosis repair less visible?

I've had ptosis repair 3 times and there is a visible line of scar along my crease now. It is very visible when I close my eyes and looks weird. Scar... READ MORE

How to repair old scar on breast from stitched wound breaking.

I had a mole removed from the top of my breast approx 20 years ago. When the stitches were removed it broke open. The dr told me it could not be... READ MORE

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