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What is the Best Way to Reduce/flatten Large Raised Scars? (photo)

I used to cut myself when i was a teenager, got the help I needed, havnt done or thought about it in over 5 years, I want to tattoo over the scars to... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Minimise Scar Appearance of an Upper Lip Reduction?

Can Lasers be use? If not what are the options? The scar is slightly indented along the incision and shows a little during repose. The upper lip also... READ MORE

Skin Tissue Thickened After Lip Reduction Surgery?

I had lower lip reduction 6 month ago. Doctor made a cut in the middle of my lip and spot between lip and chin, and cut out some of tissue inside it... READ MORE

Lip scar revision/reduction? (Photo)

Im 20 but when I was about 7 I was running with sandals on the pavement, tripped, and slid about a foot face first on the concrete.I got up and my... READ MORE

Best treatment for these hypertrophic scars after breast reduction? (Photos)

I am 3 months post-op, and I was wondering what could be done to help these scars. I do massage them with Vaseline as often as possible. I was also... READ MORE

Kenalog injection for scar tissue?

Does kenalog work for internal scar tissue after jaw reduction that was performed a year ago? READ MORE

Severe breast reduction scars, what can I do to improve the scarring? (photos)

I am 22, I had my reduction done at 17 i went from a 36DD to about a 34D. I have very bad scarring under my breast and around my nipple. I've already... READ MORE

Can my scars be fixed from my breast reduction? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction at 15, I am now 23 and the scars are horribly embarrassing. I can deal with my right breast but the left looks like I've been... READ MORE

Old breast reduction scars

I had a breast reduction done over 4 years ago that has left me with the lollipop scar. I have not used any scar treatments. I am happy with the... READ MORE

Can Mederma Scar Cream remove/reduce the appearance of flat, dark scars? I've had them for a while.

I've researched mederma and I've seen nothing but great reviews. I want to know how it works as well and if it'll remove my flat dark scars READ MORE

How can I get rid of scars from breast reduction surgery? (photos)

I got a breast reduction in December 2015. I am left with these scars. My doctor recommended bioCorneum which I used. He said I had severe scarring.... READ MORE

Is my browbone reduction scar botched? (Photo)

I had a browshave done 5 month ago. The scar looked good and was in my Hair. So the hair covered my scar. I got a revision because I wasnt happy with... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help the healing process and reduce how significant the scar will be for the future? (photos)

Hi, I Am 22 years old and fell one week ago and cut open my head quite bad. The cut required 8 stitches and will leave a scar. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

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