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How do I reduce/get rid of scarring on my lips from picking a cold sore? (photos)

I have to noticeable bright red dots on the skin above my lip from picking cold sores. Is there anyway I can get rid of the scars or make it less... READ MORE

Kenelog Injections to Radix

Will kenelog injections in the radix/glabella area decrease scar tissue or fatty tissue? READ MORE

How to reduce the appearance of the scar in a natural manner? (photo)

As you can see from the photo attached that the scar is visible above my left eyebrow. I got hit myself in a door 6 months before. Will the scar stay... READ MORE

Scar treatment for mohs closure on nose?

I had a mohs closure performed on my nose. I had stitches removed after 6 days and then steri strips put on for 7 days. I am about to get my steri... READ MORE

What are my treatment options to reduce the redness of my scars? (photos)

About a year ago I injured my upper lip in several spots. It has healed and there is no open wound but it left red scars (probably from me irritating... READ MORE

Is there any way to cure boils or fade the scars? Any way to reduce the pain? Why do they have a foul odor to them?

Im currently 18 and have been living with boils for about 7 or more years, I was told that ots basically in my blood because my pap has basically live... READ MORE

How to reduce the appearance and color of keloid scars on upper chest area?

I have read about surgical excision and laser excision. Then using radiation therapy to kill off the cells from regrowing keloids but I heard... READ MORE

I would like to reduce surgery scars

I would like to know if it is Best to use mepiform (safetac silicone technology) or siltape (silfix soft silicone) to reduce scars Four weeks after... READ MORE

Can anything be done to reduce my self harm scars? (Photo)

I have scars on my left arm from when I self harmed about 3 yrs ago. The red one was hypertrophic and I've had injections to flatten it - the rest are... READ MORE

Can 5 FU work to reduce lump appearance of scar/fibrous tissue under cheek skin?

I am wanting to try injections of the 5 FU medicine for stubborn scar tissue under cheek area as small lipo procedures (3), since 2013 have not helped... READ MORE

Scar reduction for growing scalp scar? (Photo)

I have a couple scars on the top of my head and would like to minimize the appearance/size of the scars. The scar on the uppermost right is the most... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Scarring from my Ostomy Repair?

I had recently underwent an ostomy repair, and I'm at the stage where my surgeon instructed me to no longer pack the ostomy sites. What can I do to... READ MORE

Scarring! What can I do to cure/ reduce the scarring? (Photo)

I know, my scarring isn't crazy, but I'm 20 and it makes me feel really bad about myself. No one else I know has scars this bad or actually none at... READ MORE

How to reduce this surgery scar to thin line? I had a suture surgery done for a chicken pox scar. What should I use? (Photo)

5 weeks after suture removal. What should I use to reduce this scar or fade it to normal skin tone.The Scar Bit Fade To My Normal Skin Tone? Its Been... READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce what looks like internal scar tissue from a facial injury? (photo)

In 2012 I was victim to domestic violence. I unfortunately was hit in the left side of my face/jaw mostly with a shop vac. Since the incident I have... READ MORE

What creams can I use to reduce my scar appearance? (photos)

I have tried removing a scar off my face but it turned out i burned my skin. I have been using mederma. I really need help. READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help minimize my scarring around my areolas? (Photo)

I am very insecure about how my scarring ended up, I'm more insecure with how they look now than I did before!! Is there ANYTHING that can be done to... READ MORE

How can I get this scar tissue on my lip reduced or removed? (Photo)

It's the result of an accident with a glass door 18 years ago. It was stitched up at the time, but there is still scar tissue as you can see. I saw... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend that can reduce my raised indented burn scar on my arm? (photos)

I am 25 years old female the scars are around 20 ish years old. They are raised and have indents. Perhaps there is something out there that could just... READ MORE

Is there a procedure which would be suitable to reduce the appearance of this deep eyebrow scar? (Photo)

Hi, I have an old scar on my eyebrow from a piercing when I was younger. The piercing was pulled out and left a large gaping cut and subsequent deep... READ MORE

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