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I Have a Cigarette Burn(now Scar) for 3 Months. Its Flat but Red. What Can I Do Now. Will It Heal? (photo)

In December i burnt my self on the forehead with a cigarette. it has healed and there is only a red mark smack dab on my forehead. it really lowers my... READ MORE

I Have a Small Red Mark on my Face when Applying a Hot Towel with Hot Water. How to Remove? (photo)

About 3 weeks ago I tried to remove a bite mark from my face (cheek) so I followed some instructions online about how to remove a bite mark with a... READ MORE

Can Needle Injuries Lead to Scarring?

I had five needles poked into my face skin very close to each other. There are pinpoint marks visible and the area looks red. It has only been a few... READ MORE

Scar or healing scab? Picked skin 2 months ago, left a hole. (photos)

2 months ago I picked a pimple above my left eyebrow and in between both eyebrows. I picked it so bad that it turned into a hole. After I picked it,... READ MORE

Raised/pitted Circular Red Mark in the Middle of my Forehead? (photo)

Hello, let me firstly say that any help or advice that can be given on this would be much appreciated, its been affecting my confidence enormously,... READ MORE

Got into a fight and now I got a red mark under my eye. What can I do to make the healing process go faster? (photos)

Got into a fight about a week ago and a day later after the fight i got a red mark under my eye on both sides. One larger than the other side. I have... READ MORE

How to heal pink/red skin after chemical burn scab falls off.

I put garlic on my face to redecue a few pimples. I left it on my face for 25 - 30 mins and when I washed it off the skin was very dark . 2 days later... READ MORE

How do I lighten scars on my thighs caused by eczema? (photo)

I've had eczema since young, and the eczema on my thighs have caused scars and the skin to be slightly wrinkled. How can I lighten the scars? I've... READ MORE

Itchy red marks after applying whitening products on leg scars (Photo)

Hi! I'm deeply concerned about the light cat scratches scars on my legs so I used 3 different types of whitening products. Few days after, all the... READ MORE

How to heal chemical burn?

I had 50% chemical peel done and some of the acid must of dropped onto my lower face area and I had a rash, more of the acid may have touched the rash... READ MORE

I burn myself with ice. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have question. I burn my self with ice 1 day a go is wee red mark but is just a wee a bit but I'm gonna post the fhoto and if someone can have... READ MORE

I have a red mark left after cold sore. Any advice?

I recently had a cold soar (a little more than a month ago) and it was more severe than normal. In fact, the cold soar went beyond my upper lip and... READ MORE

Red burn-like mark on leg? (Photo)

Hi, I have recently got a red mark on my leg which looks like a burn mark although I have not been burnt, it is sore to touch. I got a tattoo 2 days... READ MORE

Red blotch on nose? (Photo)

A month or so ago I was constantly squeezing blackheads and such from my nose, and I had one that was very deep on the tip of my nose. I ended up... READ MORE

Will my lip scar improve? (photos)

I burned my lip due to sun exposure. I have burnt it in the same place before, it swelled up quite a lot and a scab formed like a cold sore. The scab... READ MORE

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