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Will Hematoma Result to a Scar Tissue?

A baseball hit me hard in the left cheek, leaving me with a black eye. The bruising has since subsided, but I was left with a bump that I believe is a... READ MORE

What Level of Pain Should Be Expected After Having Fraxel Laser Treatments to Remove Surgical Scars?

Does the pain after Fraxel laser treatments feel mild or more intense, like a sunburn? READ MORE

I have a burn face skin. What should it to recover it before my labor starts? (photos)

I burned my face on stove with almost 2nd degree. its been almost 2 months and my face has almost recvored it but for last 3 weeks its not healing its... READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone on my face for burn marks?

I recently met on accident which is on my face the pressure cooker explored on my face .I got sencond degree burns on my eyes nose, on my cheeks.Now I... READ MORE

Pink spot on face after scab, facial injury by picking. (photo)

2 weeks ago, I decided to pick on my skin, since I had a mini scar there, I thought that I could make the scar disapear but I was wrong, it's my first... READ MORE

Can my skin recover without any marks left? (photo)

I got into a bike accident ny my upper layer of skin got pelled n can it be recovered without any mark READ MORE

Has Extracellular Matrix been used to speed recovery from breast augmentation surgeries and the like?

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) reduces and prevents the formation of scar tissue, and reduces inflammation. To my untrained eye, it seems like it could... READ MORE

What would you recommend for scar treatment? (photos)

Hello I recently had surgery of the abdominal wall. and a doctor who operated me makes a large incision, about 30cm. Recovery going well. he had to... READ MORE

Scar revisions; What does that normally entail? (photos)

I'm having issues with healing after a breast lift and augmentation. My ps had to re-open an incision, clean it out and then restitch it. It opened a... READ MORE

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