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Indented Scar from Punch Biopsy Just Under Eye. What Can I Do?

I had a 4mm punch biopsy on the top of my cheek just under the eye area 10 months ago. It was stitched with 2 removable stitches. It has healed with a... READ MORE

Sunken Facial Scar Need Advice for Improvement/Removal? (photo)

I have a 10 year old sunken scar from a botched punch excision for a pox scar from a Dermatologist. After the original excision was performed the... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for icepick/boxcar scars for olive skin? Microneddling + Genesis or Punch excision + picosure?(photo)

I am 29 y, olive skin and I have been fighting against acne For 20 y. After use Accutane twice, now I want treat my scars. I have a icepick and boxcar... READ MORE

Excessive Bleeding After Punch Excision

After my procedure I got really sick. I guess the procedure upset my stomach. They just numbed my skin. My question is could the sutures have come... READ MORE

Best post-surgery treatment for new incision?

I have a two week old 3mm biopsy punch incision from cyst removal on face. What is best post treatment available to reduce redness? Area around... READ MORE

What procedures do you recommend? (Photo)

Experienced patient with 3 sessions of Palomar 1540 nonablative, 2 ablative fractional lasers, 2 fractional CO2 non ablative lasers, 3 Dermapen... READ MORE

Old acne scars treatment (photos)

Scars from adult cystic acne treated with Roaccutane, forehead(the worst), cheeks(upper part), nose(several scars). For the 4years I did fraxel, ipl,... READ MORE

Wide, depressed, rigid scar on nose tip. What treatment would be needed? (Photos)

Had a lesson removed from my nose tip using a punch excision and 3 sutures however 2 of the sutures came undone after only 2 days. Now I have this... READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend for this indented scar? (Photo)

I had a very small ice pick scar, which was treated with TCA cross, the scar became less deep but 4x wider so they did 4 fraxel restore treatments and... READ MORE

How long for red scar to diminish from vulvar biopsy?

A month ago, I had a 0.5 x0.4 x0.4cm punch biopsy to the outer aspect of my left labia for what turned out to be an epidermal inclusion cyst. No... READ MORE

How would a scar revision for a punch biopsy which opened back up after removal of stitches be performed? Repunch site?

I had a punch biopsy on my face and after getting the 3 stitches out on day 7. That night the biopsy site fully opened back up. I went to instacare... READ MORE

Would Punch excision with laser follow up / CO2 be the best way to repair this hole? (Photo)

I'm pretty sure it started as a pimple that I popped to soon and was left with this. I tried the topical creams Which shrunk it a bit, but that's just... READ MORE

2 chicken pox scar + 2 boxcar = FCO2, subcision, or punch excision?

I went to 3 derms and each suggested different treatment for my scars (fractional co2, subcision, & punch excision). I only have a few scars that... READ MORE

Punch Excision for spider naevus? (photo)

Hi, I have a spider on my left cheeck. It has shown to be treatment-resistant after: - 1x KTP - 1x IPL - 1 x cryotherapy - 1 x Unknown laser - 1 x ktp... READ MORE

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