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Hot Oil Burn Marks on Face? (photo)

3 days ago hot oil splashed on my face for like 1 second and i wiped it off immediately. Then i put my face in a cold water. i got no blisters. Just... READ MORE

Deep Cut Top of Lip After A Fall. How To Prevent Scarring?

I recently had a fall. I have a deep cut from my nose to my lip which went right through at one point and it is jagged. I have had four stitches in it... READ MORE

Minimizing Developing Facial Scar/ When Should Stitches Be Removed? (photo)

Hello im 18 and recently had a laceration above my eyebrow that required 5 stitches. I was told by the doctor to wash the cut out daily with soap and... READ MORE

Do Scars from Breast Augmentation Ever Fade Completely?

Are there ways to get rid of the appearance of scars? I'm just wondering if this surgery will inevitably leave me with permanent scarring, or if... READ MORE

Dettol Scars on my Face. How to Avoid Scars? (photo)

I applied dettol on face days before yesterday and it has burnt my face leaving brown spots (as seen in the pics). I have been applying ice, silvadene... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Prevent a Burn from Scarring Stomach?

I work in a pizza shop and was bending over the oven, and burnt my stomach yesterday. What can I use so it won't leave a scar?   READ MORE

How to Minimize Scarring After Glueing a Wound? (photo)

Hi, my 5-year old daughter had a bad fall yesterday and the doctors advised me that the best way to close the 1cm cut on her forehead (on a large... READ MORE

Treatment after scab falls off. What should I do to avoid scarring? (Photo)

Scab fell off on own in shower. Should I be applying Vit e yet, or Aquaphor, Neosporin, scar cream or nothing? It is red and look irritated, but not... READ MORE

When to Begin Massage and Ointment of a Scar from Stitches? (photo)

My 6 yr old had stitches removed from her forehead a week ago. The wound has been kept covered by steri strips, and when I last changed them, I... READ MORE

How Do I Prevent a Hypertrophic Scar from Forming?

I had a 5mm-long 4mm-deep cut on my chin 4 days ago.Already have a hypertrophic scar on my chin from a similar cut, so now using Mederma and Dermatrix... READ MORE

My Daughter Has a 1cm Cut About 5mm Below the Right Eye?

My daughter has a cut 1cm about 5mm below the right eye.The cut has been closed back using glue 2 days ago but we are scared the wound would leave a... READ MORE

Best Treatment for (3cm Glued Gash/ Scar) on Top of Eye Brow (Baby 16 Months Old)?

My baby girl has a deep cut (3cm long) which was glued in A&E 3 days ago. It's located right on top of her eyebrow. I fear that this may lead to a... READ MORE

Burn from Vinegar - How to Prevent It from Scarring? (photo)

I got serious burn from vinegar 3 days ago. What is the best way to prevent it from scarring. I went to a dermatologist, he only gave me Aquaphor... READ MORE

What Can I Do for my Daughter to Best Prevent Her Face from Scarring? (photo)

21 month old daughter fell 5 days ago and split her right eyebrow open. Had 2 internal stitches and 6 external stitches. The cut was to the bone. I'm... READ MORE

What is the Best Thing to Use for Scar Treatment After a Mommy Makeover?

I just had a MM. The drain was taken out today and I was told to lightly message the scar areas with 1% hydrocortisone and vitamin E. I am just... READ MORE

Just Removed Stitiches, Reducing Scaring? (photo)

Hello, I Just removed my stitches, from a super deep laceration cut to the upper lip. It was 3 stitches, I had it on for about 5 days, and was removed... READ MORE

Cut Top of Nose After Fall. How To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

This photos were taken in April 2 month after the incident,Question Deep Cut Top of Lip After and nose After Fall. How To Prevent Scarring? I recently... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Make the Redness Go Away and Help It from Not Scarring? (photo)

Would CryoStem Cell Treatment Peel help??I' ve been using bio oil , aloe vera plant, lavender a derme Scar Gel , and SCARprin with has 100%... READ MORE

What is best method to use to treat face skin scrap and cut to prevent premanent scar? (Photo)

My daughter fell on 7/26/14 and scraped her skin really baf. The doctor said she did not break the bone it is going to leave a scar. The skin is stil... READ MORE

Preventative Scar Treatment for Deep Wound on Forehead

I Have a 1.5 Inch Wound on my Forehead Going Downwards from my Hairline, a Very Deep Wound. Although It Looks Very Well Stitched. the stitches have... READ MORE

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