Pitted Scar + Scars Treatment

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New Pitted Scar From Dermabrasion. 17 Days Post; is There Anything I Can Do to Help the Healing Process?

I had a few deep ice-pick acne scars on my cheeks & nose, so I decided to do dermabrasion. Unfortunately my plastic surgeon went a little too deep... READ MORE

Excision of Pitedt Scars on Side of Nose?

I have two pitted scars on the side of my nose. They are the result of teenage acne, and are several years old. The larger one is located on the right... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Old, pitted Scars on my Cheeks Caused by Many Yrs of Severe Cystic Acne? (photo)

I'm a 27 Yr Old Woman from India? I have tried glycolic and salicylic peels in the past for the acne which has helped. Along with tretinoin, my acne... READ MORE

What Kind of Doctor Should I Go See for Pitted Scars?

Please answer doctors. Since the beginning of this year, Ive been getting pitted scars out of seemingly nowhere. Theyre not huge or too deep, but... READ MORE

I Have a Pitted Scar from a BCG Vaccine from Childhood, How Can I Minimize Its Appearance? (photo)

Hi, I have a BCG scar on my upper left arm that seems to be getting bigger every year. It is pitted and a little lighter than my skin but it... READ MORE

Pit from Far Fat Loss Above Eyebrow Due to Sun Damage?

Lately i am concerned about a pit i have above my eyebrow it seems that sun damage has occured and resulted to fat loss in the area.i can assume that... READ MORE

What works best for shallow scars? (Photo)

I have shallow scars, mostly on my right cheek. They are also pink in color and pitted. I am thinking of getting subcision done and with it i will do,... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions about a good effective treatment for my pitted scars? (photo)

I have tried microdermabrasion, chemical peels, single needling, dermarolling, rosehip oil, msm cream and many other creams and serums. Nothing is... READ MORE

Two treatments to improve pitted scars have caused almost 50 white scars on my face! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had tca cross done and micro needling and both treatments done by a dermatologist cause white scars all over my entire forehead and about ten on my... READ MORE

I'm looking for help with shingles scaring. Is there anything I can do now to reduce redness and prevent severe pitting? (Photo)

I tend to get dark marks from scabs in general. I'm still very red and splotchy. I normally use the Green Cream retinol rotating with high potency C... READ MORE

Best treatment for pitted scarring due to ingrown hairs? (Photo)

Im 28 years-old and have been dealing with dark coarse hair on my lip and chin since I was about 20 which resulted in ingrown hairs and pitted... READ MORE

I am looking for a solution for my pitted/scarred/strange textured skin. (Photo)

As you can see from this picture it is almost grainy in texture and has some pitting. I am seeking advice for the best solution to this. In this photo... READ MORE

What products would be the best to minimize scarring and pitting on my face from shingles? (Photo)

I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome that began about a month ago, which is slowly healing, but the shingles scars are awful. I need to begin... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment for Scarring on the Scalp From Hair Transplant? (photo)

Hi. I have scarring all over my scalp from a hair transplant, so-called "pitting and cobblestoning". You should be able to find some better... READ MORE

Treatment for atrophic pitted boxscar? (Photo)

I have a atrophic pitted boxscar on my forehead above right eyebrow. I appears more prominent and easily noticeable from distance, due to occurrence... READ MORE

Chicken pox scars. I want to know how can i get rid of them? (photos)

Hi! I had chicken pox when i was 15 and still have few scars. Two of which are really prominent, looks more like pits. now that im 26, is only... READ MORE

I had a skin tumor removed 7 months ago, and the sutures were left in too long. I want to know how to improve appearance (Photo)

How could i improve the sutures scar, it looks indented and pitted in the area. Also there is a part of the scar that will not heal. It appears to be... READ MORE

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