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Has My C Section Scar Turned Into Keloid? (photo)

I had my baby 4.5 months ago via C section and my scar is pink and a bit thick, As per the picture would you think the scar has turned into a Keloid?,... READ MORE

I have a 2nd degree burn on my finger. How long does it take for the skin to get back to normal? (photos)

I've a 2nd degree burn at my Whole fingers and now 3weeks its healing and my skin turn to new pink question is how long it take to the skin... READ MORE

Best Way to Heal a Scar on Forehead?

Hi, I got into an accident about 8 months ago and it left a small (around 2-3cm) scar on my forehead, just below my hairline on the left side. It is... READ MORE

How to heal pink/red skin after chemical burn scab falls off.

I put garlic on my face to redecue a few pimples. I left it on my face for 25 - 30 mins and when I washed it off the skin was very dark . 2 days later... READ MORE

how can I minimize a pink scar on my forehead? I am Indian American and it really stands out.

3 months ago I fell and ended up with a scab on my forehead. The next day I made the mistake to exfoliate and in the process my newly formed scab fell... READ MORE

What Would You Suggest For Scar On Forehead? (Photo)

I have a pinkish scar on my forehead it doesn't look that pink but in certain light it is also is indented...this scar is from when I was 3 I... READ MORE

How can i get rid of these self harm scars??

I have had them for about four months now, and they are not fading at all, they just stay very pink. I am not sure how i could get rid of them, as... READ MORE

Pink Facial Scarring

I have a raised pink scar on my face that is quite noticeable. I do not know how I got it. I seemed to have awoken with it one morning, about 5 years... READ MORE

Skin is a light pink due to scab falling off, will the skin heal back to its normal color?

Anything I should I apply to its on my nose and the color is different then my normal skin color. Will it match anything I should I apply to the surface ? READ MORE

How can I treat my hypertrophic scars? (photos)

I have hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and chest from acne. I have had them for 4 years and they HAVE improved but not that much for this amount of... READ MORE

Any way to make a surgical scar less pink after 6 years? (Photo)

Had a tummy tuck 6 years ago. The scar is still red and/or pink (depends on temperature). It doesn't look bad in this photo, but when I go shirtless... READ MORE

What should I do to improve a recent scar on my face?

I had a bike accident about 2 months ago. I flew off my bike and scraped my face on concrete. The injury that worried me most is between my nose and... READ MORE

Used apple cider vinegar, got a huge pink mark on face. Do I need laser or time will heal it self?

I used Apple Cider Vinegar on my face for 6 hrs. When I woke up i have a huge brown mark then 4 days later it turns pink. Now it has been a month and... READ MORE

10 weeks post forehead scar revision, need help please. Still pink and think slightly widened again too (Photo)

Had scar revision done oct 2015 still dark pink and scar looks a bit widened... tried creams plus silicone gel but no joy. Also as already slightly... READ MORE

2nd degree on my face. On day 5 peeled to red/pink - is it normal?

Got burn by hot water on my face..on day 7 its peeling and show red or pink on skin. Want to it the last skin?or the red/pink color should... READ MORE

How to heal white pink skin left by scab? (Photo)

I squeezed a bump and cut my skin badly. A scab formed and I accidentally scratched at it and it fell off. When the scab came off it left white pink... READ MORE

Is there something I can do to fix my upper lip coloring?

When I was 16 (now I am 22, 23 in a couple months), I got cold sores on my upper lip. My upper lip color is normally a dark brown but after the cold... READ MORE

Will my daughter's cheek continue to heal from a fingernail scratch? Should I do more? Main concern is the pink/red color(Photo)

My daughter's cheek was scraped badly by another kid's fingernail at daycare about 2 months ago. As it's healed there is a light red groove in her... READ MORE

Best treatment for flat pink/red keloids on chest/shoulder/back?

As the question states, I'm wondering what the best solution for flattened pinkish/red keloids are? These are old scars (mostly 10+ years) from acne.... READ MORE

Does the pink color on my face and my chest will leave to get my color back? (photos)

I was accidently burned 2 weeks ago with hot water from micro wave on my face and my chest. After 2 weeks my skin became pink. I'd like to get my skin... READ MORE

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