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Burns Pigmentation (By Garlic)? (photo)

I had Garlic burns since Aug 25, 2012. Now is about 49, 50 days. The skin is recovered without scar, but I'm worried about I will have permanent Burns... READ MORE

Treatment for Pigmented Scars After Scabies?

I have plenty of dark spots left from bumps after being infected 2 months ago & they are all over my back/torso mostly and arms and legs too. I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reduce Areola Incision Scars? What Type of Laser?

I had surgery that I am extremely happy with almost a year ago, but the scar on my right is more hidden and unnoticeable however the one on my left is... READ MORE

Will my depigmented scar from a two week old burn eventually fade? Dark, African-American Skin (Photo)

Hi, I exactly two weeks ago I burned myself with a steamer. It blistered, the blister eventually popped and I've kept the area mostly bandaged. I feel... READ MORE

Are any US doctors able to use a product called ReCell for scar repigmentation?

Are any US doctors able to use a product called Recell yet for scar repigmentation? I've read about this product online made by Avita Medical and it... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hypertrophic pigmented scar treatment? (photos)

I am a light-skinned African American. I have had a pigmented hypertrophic scar on my face for 24 years. I had it treated about a year ago. The... READ MORE

How Can I Improve This Scar? (photo)

I have a scar on my finger joint. Some kind of infection that left a scar (hypo pigmentation surrounded by slight hyper pigmentation) it's not drastic... READ MORE

Old acne scars treatment (photos)

Scars from adult cystic acne treated with Roaccutane, forehead(the worst), cheeks(upper part), nose(several scars). For the 4years I did fraxel, ipl,... READ MORE

As my post-inflammatory pigmentation is quite mild, will it heal? And if so, how long do you think it will take to heal? (Photo)

I had 2 scabs from the cup of the bra digging into both of my breasts. Eventually the scabs fell off. I am now left with a small red mark on one... READ MORE

How to heal nail scratches over the skin?

I got bitten by young fleas a couple of times recently and even though I tried not to scratch it, I somehow did it unconsciously while I was sleeping.... READ MORE

7 year old brother has this scar. What could be we do to help the pigmentation blend better with his skin tone? (Photo)

My brother got scratched by a cat 2 yrs ago. No blood, stitches weren't necessary. The peditrican deemed it a small scratch that would heal on its own... READ MORE

How to Repigment a Pink/White Scar After Laser Surgery

I had laser surgery to remove a hyperpigmented scar. The laser made my skin blister, scab, and then fall off. I am now left with pinkish and white... READ MORE

Chemical Burn to Arms and Legs

I have chemical burn scars on my forearms and shins accompanied by some discoloration to large brown patches of surrounding skin. the scars themselves... READ MORE

Does hydrocortisone cream over the counter 2% take pigment out of a scar?

Does hydrocortisone cream over the counter 2% take pigment out of a scar? I'm using this every other day on a child b/c she has a hypertrophic scar.... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Cause Pigment Cells to Be Destroyed in Scars?

I have a shiny scar caused by a glass accident. I am skeptical that laser treatments such as Fraxel and CO2 resurfacing, would cause the shiny scar to... READ MORE

Which treatment for hypertrophic, depigmented scars on forearm from a chemical burn? (Photo)

I have heavy scarring on my left forearm caused by a very harsh tattoo removal treatment called skinial. It uses 40% lactic acid, injected into the... READ MORE

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