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How to Tell Between Keloid or Hypertrophic Scarring on Cartilage Piercing?

Three months ago I got my cartilage piercing, the other day I noticed a light pink bump has formed on the front side of my ear right next to my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix a Hole Caused by a Navel Piercing? (photo)

I have small hole on top of my belly caused by a navel ring. It has never closed and I would like to fix since it looks ugly. What can I do and how... READ MORE

Navel Piercing Scar Repair

After getting pregnant my piercing seemed to stretch causing a "X" shaped stretch mark over the piercing scar. After losing the baby weight... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scarring from Belly Button Piercing

HI, I have my belly button pierced and I have hypertrophic scarring at least I think I do...I've had it for 8 months and I think it's healed,... READ MORE

Can You Surgically Close a Belly Piercing?

I recently got my belly button piercing and I'm positive that one day I will get sick of it. I just need some reassurance that it can be surgically... READ MORE

Revision On Two Eyebrow Piercing Scars?

I got a double eyebrow piercing when I was 16 and I wore it util I turned 18, now I'm 20 an I completely regret it. I took it out because it was... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar from Nose Piercing? (photo)

I have had a nose piercing for about two years. After a lot of infections irritation I decided to remove it. After doing so, a bump had formed. I went... READ MORE

What Scar Treatment For My Navel Piercing Scar? (photo)

Took out my navel piercing 2 years ago when it was infected. Tried silicone sheets but didn't help the discolouring. What treatment should I pursue? READ MORE

How Do I Heal a Little Bump on my Cartilage Piercing?

One month ago I got my cartilage with a gun at Claire's. I always cleaned it with their solution and it doesn't hurt much or anything. Today I... READ MORE

Is my navel piercing infected, migrated or rejecting? (Photo)

I don't want to take it out is there anything I can do to save it? READ MORE

I Have Very Small Scars from Lip Piercings and Am Wondering How Much It Would Be to Close the Scars? (photo)

I had both sides of my lips pierced for quite some time. Ive been trying to close them for the past year and on the outside I have a small hole while... READ MORE

Could a scar revision lesser my belly button piercing scar? (Photo)

I got my belly button pierced 6 years ago, and I am now tired of it. I took it out 7-8 months ago, but the " top hole" has scarred badly, it looks a... READ MORE

Will the Scar or Hole Go Away if I Remove my Nose Piercing After 6 Days of Getting It Pierced and Using a Scar Cream or Gel?

I removed my nose piercing after 6 days of getting it was not infected or anything.i just want to know will the hole close because i took... READ MORE

The best way to get discolouration out of a keloid scar? (photo)

I have a hypertrophic/keloid scar from an old nose piercing (4 years). I've been getting injections to minimise the lump, which has mad an enormous... READ MORE

Piercing Hole Remains After Removing 1 Year Ago?

I got my top lip peirced abou a year ago, i decided to take it out and it has left a hole there. is there anyway that it can be surgically repaired in... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of a Piercing Hole That Never Closed Up?

I have had a piercing hole for about 5 years now I had a lip ring in for about 2 years and its never healed. I've been looking online to find plastic... READ MORE

Ripped my nipple piercing out, how to get it to heal properly? (photos)

Hello, about 2 months ago I had a nipple piercing torn out and I haven't been able to get it to heal properly. What can I do to ensure it heals? It is... READ MORE

My belly button piercing split completely in half, how can I heal it? (Photos)

My friend recently pierced my belly button for me. (Around 3 weeks ago) I didn't notice it rejecting until it was to late. When I lifted my shirt it... READ MORE

Do Cartilage (Helix) Piercings Ever Close?

If I have a cartilage piercing that I want to let close, will it? I've been told that helix piercings shrink but never close. I've been told... READ MORE

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