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I Got Burned in my Face with Hot Grease, Are The Marks Permanent?

I was frying chicken nuggets at work one day and got burned in my face with hot grease, when I went to flip the nuggets the pot slid off the burner... READ MORE

Will Infant Scratches Leave Permanent Scars?

My daughter scratched herself twice on the cheek when she was two weeks old. Both cuts drew blood and I applied Neosporin a few times initially.... READ MORE

Chickenpox scab fell out during sleep and left a hole. Will it be permanent? (photos)

After the chickenpox subsided, It initially wasn't this bad. It was just a peeling skin area ( no depressions) with a black dot in the middle after... READ MORE

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring?

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring? READ MORE

Will my Son's Scar Disappear?

The scar is where his mustache would grow if he was older. I put neosporen on it till the scab fell off and the started applying Mederma faithfully.... READ MORE

Will Indented Scar on Baby's Face Improve over Time?

My three month old daughter dug two fingernails into her upper cheek resulting in two slightly indented red marks. This was a month ago so does this... READ MORE

Can Fractional Laser Show 100 Percent Improvement on Acne Scars? Is This Permanent?

I have 3 box scars on my left cheek. they are very close to each other and it looks like a dip over that area.Can these scars be removed and can i get... READ MORE

how can I minimize a pink scar on my forehead? I am Indian American and it really stands out.

3 months ago I fell and ended up with a scab on my forehead. The next day I made the mistake to exfoliate and in the process my newly formed scab fell... READ MORE

Removing Scar on lip due to Cold Sores. (photo)

I've had these little scars for years and it all started when I had a couple cold sores. I don't think I was cleaning them properly and eventually it... READ MORE

Is there any plastic surgery for closure of pierced nose hole permanently?

Is there any plastic surgery for closure of pierced nose hole permanently READ MORE

Burn face scar. How long will it take to heal? Will it leave a permanent mark?

My wife burned her face while using the stove which was leaking and blew the fire air into her face. its like 2nd degree burn. somebody please tell me... READ MORE

Can chemical burns to the face from Nair hair removal products be permanent? (photos)

I applied Nair for men to my face and ended up with a bad chemical burn. It's been twenty four hours and I'm worried it won't go away. I applied... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows threaded and it left a cut on the bridge of my nose. Could this cause permanent damage? Super paranoid.

I'm almost 3 months post op from rhinoplasty and I've been very careful with my nose, well I got the okay from my surgeon to get my eyebrows done and... READ MORE

Is my daughter is going to have permanent scar from fall and face trauma? (Photo)

My daughter was running and fell and hit a hard surface horizontally along cheek bone first was extreme swelling and bruise after few weeks swelling... READ MORE

Will Impetigo cause permanent damage?

My 12 yr old has a 13 week old incision from stitches on her forehead. She caught impetigo from school and had it 24 hrs before it was diagnosed and... READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Scarred Pores from Face Picking?

I'm 17, have had mild acne with no scarring. Unfortunately I'm a compulsive face picker and I used to pick on my blackheads, which left... READ MORE

Is It a Permanent Atrophic Scar? (photo)

I am Asian and now is 32 years old. 3 months ago I was cleaning my nose, I accidentally scratched my nose tip.When the scab fell off, I found that the... READ MORE

How Does Punch Graft Work for Ice Pick Scars?

I will have this procedure. My question is: the graft works as a permanet filler?, or rejoining with adjacent tissues? if after I clear up my skin, it... READ MORE

How do I get rid of scab scars? (photos)

I had an allergic reaction about 2 months ago. This resulted in itchy bumps all over my body. I still do not know what caused it. The itchiness would... READ MORE

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