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Scar on Tip of Penis - What Can I Do About This? (photo)

I have had this scar on the tip of my penis. I am circumcised. It has been there for as long as I can remember (I think I first remember noticing it... READ MORE

How can I treat the scar under the foreskin of penis? (photo)

Hello doctors, the scar on my penis kills my confidence. how will it get heal any creams or type a special doctor and his location please. in my age... READ MORE

I have a scar on penis head due to excessive masturbation. For years now... Any way to clear it?

To be precise, about 5 yrs. I cannot ask it out because of embarrassment and shame. It gets better if I dont masturbate for a period. But hard... READ MORE

I have a flat, white looking scar on the shaft of my penis. Will the skin color go back to normal? (photo)

There was never a scab, more like a tiny thin cut that I masturbated over again, unknowingly at the time, and now I have this white mark on my penis.... READ MORE

Can I use scar removal creams on penis glans?

I would like to start using scar removal creams like Mederma on scars I have on my foreskin, but I'm concerned about the cream touching my penis glans. READ MORE

what are these bumps on my scar line?

Okay I have a cut under the head of my penis and small bumps on my scar line. The bumps don't itch or burn . But the cut under my penis came out of no... READ MORE

Scar treatment options for hypertrophic scars on foreskin of penis. (photo)

I have scars on my foreskin from excessive masturbation without lube. I have tried hydrocortisone cream, vitamin E oil, and silicone scar sheets with... READ MORE

I got a scar on the head of my penis and it's really embarrassing. Is there any cream or anything that can be recomended?(photo)

I got this from getting my penis caught in my zipper. This stayed like this for about 2-3 years. It's embarrassing because it looks like stds. Is... READ MORE

Do I need hospital treatment for a burn that might be 3rd degree on genitals?

I have a burn on my penis shaft that is not very large, but it's brown. It doesn't really hurt that much and I'm able to still function with urinating... READ MORE

What is the Best Method to Fade Scarring on Penis? And/or Help Skin Regeneration to Fade Scar.

I had an injury to the penis due to excessive masturbation over a year ago. I'm wondering what is the best method to fade the scaring. Cream? Lotion?... READ MORE

I Have an Old (Months) Tear/fissure to Penis Glans Skin - It Never Closed Because of Erections. Can This Still Be Sutured Shut?

I have a small, horizontal tear to the skin on the glans of my penis which appears like a dent in the skin. I'm not sure how I did it but think it was... READ MORE

Flat Pale Scar on Penis. What Are my Options?

I have a scar on my penis as a result of having a fordyce spot surgically removed. I use silicone sheets for months which resulted in a flat pale scar... READ MORE

Is this a scar? If possible how do I treat it? (photos)

As you can see there is this reddish strip on my penis which originated from me accidentally hurting my penis from scratching, is this a scar? If so,... READ MORE

Steroid treatment for keloid after penile implant surgery.

I recently had penile implant surgery. I had the coloplast implant where the prosthesis is placed through the top of the penis. My urologist says I... READ MORE

Dry glans shaft of the penis. Is there any way I can fade these scars? (Photo)

I was circumcised 10 years ago now my age is 35.i have got there anyway I can fade it?also the glans shaft is very and causes itching.any... READ MORE

Can scars on the penis that cause restriction during erection be fixed? Not Peyronie's disease. More like a burn scar (Photo)

I'm just looking for a general answer yes or no. I don't have a functional issue now. I'm more concerned with if it will cause a functional issue in... READ MORE

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