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What is this painful hard lump after cesarean section? (Photo)

I had twins by c section 2007. I developed this bump shortly after my recovery. It is 1inch by 1/2 inch in size. It is located just above the left... READ MORE

Keloids. Is Steroid or Silicone Sheeting Recommended?

Is steroid injections better than silcone sheeting if you definitely keloid, and is it painful.What are the risks involved? There a a number of areas... READ MORE

C-Section Scar Repair? (photo)

I have an awful C-section scar (approximately 2 ft long) for 30 years now I have started having problems with pain in the lower scared area. I have... READ MORE

What Level of Pain Should Be Expected After Having Fraxel Laser Treatments to Remove Surgical Scars?

Does the pain after Fraxel laser treatments feel mild or more intense, like a sunburn? READ MORE

I Have a 7 Year Old Scar on my Leg and It's Gotten Larger and Not Gone Away-help?

When I was about 13 or 14 I had an accident while shaving.It resulted in a vampire like scar,two cuts on my leg, like a figure eight.Over the... READ MORE

How long does it take a c-section scar to heal? (photo)

I just had a baby on 7.23.2014, two weeks ago today with c-section. This is my second c-section. The first one was on 03.09.2011, the scar for the... READ MORE

I had extensive scar revision from previous perianal abscesses & fistula 3 days ago. Swelling and pain is increasing. (Photo)

I had scar revision from perianal fistula 3 days ago. The pain seems worse & swelling. I'm taking Percocet, Advil, & ice packs & I still can't walk &... READ MORE

Steroids and Lasers Have Note Reduced the Size of my Keloid: What Will Work?

Steroid treatment has not reduced my keloid still big the doctor try laser but still i stop these year my keloid caame pang,swell&sore.... READ MORE

Can Keloid Turn into Lupus?

I have keliod that are now very painful -- i have have steriod injection ant hat makes the pain so unbearable ,,,,is lupus and keliods related in anyway? READ MORE

My Keloid on my Shoulder and Chest Hurt So Bad I Barely Sleep?

My keloid on my chest and shoulder hurts so bad I can barely sleep. I really want them off READ MORE

I burned myself on scalding oatmeal this morning. Any advice on how to treat it? What degree burn do I look to you? (photo)

I burned myself on hot oatmeal this morning (bowl spilled down my legs) and I have burns on each of my thighs, and down my lower leg. The thigh burns,... READ MORE

Excision of Painful Keloids and Radiation After Breast Reduction?

I have found there is very little information how to deal with extremely painful keloids after breast reduction; some Dr's have indicated they... READ MORE

Skin Tissue Thickened After Lip Reduction Surgery?

I had lower lip reduction 6 month ago. Doctor made a cut in the middle of my lip and spot between lip and chin, and cut out some of tissue inside it... READ MORE

What are the best options for a large hard painful lip scar? (Photo)

I fainted and smashed my face on the bathtub, splitting my lip completely in half among other injuries to my teeth and face. There is now hard painful... READ MORE

Is there any way to cure boils or fade the scars? Any way to reduce the pain? Why do they have a foul odor to them?

Im currently 18 and have been living with boils for about 7 or more years, I was told that ots basically in my blood because my pap has basically live... READ MORE

Can scar tissue cause pain? And can it be removed?

3 years ago I had a bike accident, which resulted in me getting a intramuscular haematoma, which was drained a few months later. Now have a lump on... READ MORE

Scar on Cheek Below Eye has Lumps and is Painful. What Are My Options? (photos)

I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and ended up with a broken nose, some lacerations below my eyebrow (10 stitches) and another cut (3 stitches)1/2... READ MORE

Recommended Removal Method for Painful Keloid?

I have a very painful keloid on my right shoulder. I can't stand for clothes or anyone to touch it. I cannot lay flat on it. I am considering removal.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a water blister with redness and painful to the touch on a scar? (photos)

I had a gunshot womb exploratory surgery in 1992. I woke up a week ago with this annoying blister. I applied peroxide to it 2 days later and it busted... READ MORE

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