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How Do I Remove an Old Burn Scar on my Left Thigh?

I have an old burn scar on my left thigh when i was 10 years old the iron had fallen on my leg when I was ironing, Because of this I can't wear... READ MORE

Old Scars On My Legs. Options To Improve Them? (photo)

Hi. I got these old scars on my legs since I was young. Is there any chances that these scars could be improved by scar revision, excision, or... READ MORE

Will CO2 Fraxel Laser Treatment Remove Burn Scars?

I had a fire accident when I was young. a burning plastic of some sort exploded and burned me on my chest after burning through my thin T-shirt. That... READ MORE

How can I treat my 10 year old c-section scar? I think it's infected

I think my 10-year old c-section scar may be infected. It goes from dark red to bright red. Has a glassy look to it with small amount of discharge... READ MORE

Deep Pitted Scar on Chin What is the Best Method of Surgery? (photo)

Hello i need some advice on cosmetic surgery I have a deep scar on my chin from an accident that happend 10 years ago. In the past year my skin has... READ MORE

How Can I Remove a 10 Year Old Scar? (photo)

I have this fat scar on my right leg, i got it from a vehicular accident almost 10 years ago and i didn't even go to a doctor concerning this i just... READ MORE

I Have an Indented Scar on My Forehead, What Treatments Do You Suggest?

From a childhood accident, it runs diagonally upward from my left eyebrow. Can this be improved? I would prefer laser treatments over surgical, but if... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options For Treating Old Scars at Legs?

Im 30 years old im shy to wear short because of my old scars at legs i dont have enough money to go for surgical i need & advice for the best... READ MORE

Depressed Scar On Forehead Since I Was Two. Scar Revision Did Not Work? (photo)

I have had depressed scar on my forehead since i was 2 years old,i fell down and got cut by glass, surgeon put some stitches that are so obvious, now... READ MORE

15 Year Old Atrophic Scar On Face. Options?

I have an old atrophic scar on my left cheek 1 cm from the corner of the mouth, it has been there for over 15 years, I was told by my dermatologist... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment Option For a 15 Year Old Depressed Lip Scar? (photo)

Dear community, what is the best way to treat the depressed scar, visible on the photo? It was caused by an accident with glasses 15 years ago. The... READ MORE

What Treatment Should Be Best for Scar/dark Spot Near Lips? (photo)

I've had this scar/dark spot for about 9 years now & I don't even know how I had this. I did have a little accident back then where my left cheek... READ MORE

Sunken Facial Scar Need Advice for Improvement/Removal? (photo)

I have a 10 year old sunken scar from a botched punch excision for a pox scar from a Dermatologist. After the original excision was performed the... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Old, pitted Scars on my Cheeks Caused by Many Yrs of Severe Cystic Acne? (photo)

I'm a 27 Yr Old Woman from India? I have tried glycolic and salicylic peels in the past for the acne which has helped. Along with tretinoin, my acne... READ MORE

How to Lighten the Hyperpigmentation on my Face Caused by Burn 20 Years Ago? (photo)

I had burn on my face caused by candles 20 years ago. Now my face is darker on one side and it lowers my self esteem, self confidence, especially when... READ MORE

Which Scar Gel Would You Recommend for a 15 Year Old Keloid Scar? (photo)

I'm a Filipina, present age is 20 and a female. And I have this scar on my right upper body, about 2.5-3 inches below where my right bony clavicle... READ MORE

Best Treatment for 22 Years Old Scar Caused by Hot Water (photo)?

Is it possible to remove this? Need your advise or any recommendations badly. Thank you for your help! READ MORE

Do Cortisone Shots Help Old Scars?

I have a large 10 year old scar I got for getting a shot when I was 14 years old. Would a cortisone shot help reducing it? It's a bit raised and a... READ MORE

What Are Some Affordable Treatments For Removing Old Scars on my Legs?

Hi..have a good day to you name is hanna and i have a big problem on my legs.i have a lot of scars and the problem is i dont have a money for... READ MORE

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