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What Can Be Done to Fix an Indentation Scar on Nose?

Had a small lump removed from my nose. It healed with a deep hole in the middle that looks like a large pore but isn't. Around it the skin is... READ MORE

Any Fix for a Chicken Pox Nose Scar? (photo)

Hello, I have always hated this scar on my nose. My nose already has a hump, and is slightly crooked, so this scar, I feel calls even more attention... READ MORE

Will 1 Week Old Second Degree Steam Burn Scars Go Away?

I am 31 years old asian female.i had a bad incident last sunday 10/10/10 while i was trying to open pressure cooker it blew up,got second degree burns... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Crater/Boxcar Scars on Nose?

In December 2010 I got some inflamed spots that turned to scabs and were picked prematurely. They left me with these terrible crater scars that... READ MORE

Will I Scar from closed cut on the side of my nose?

Hello. I have a closed cut on the side of my nose(about 1.5 cm long)that had 5 stitches. It's only about 2 weeks old. I'm trying to lessen... READ MORE

When Will Swelling from Mederma Go?

How long will it take for swelling from Mederma to go away? After applying Mederma gel to a scar on my nose, the area around the scar became red and... READ MORE

Removing Red Scar from Sunburn on Nose Tip?

I had bad sunburn on my nose about 15 yrs ago, and it formed a scab and I picked the scab over and over, and the result was a red scar. The redness... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat cut on the bridge of my nose without scarring? (Photo)

I got a 1.5cm cut on the bridge area mainly with some scrapes. I went home and washed it and put polysporin on thinking it wasn't a big deal. Next... READ MORE

How long after chickenpox hole scarring can I get the scars filled/treated? (Photo)

I have a nose punch biopsy like scar on my nose after a chickenpox sore erupted badly on my nose (when the scab came off prematurely there was a... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars of Knife Cut? (photo)

I am 28 years old, 20 years ago my brother cut my nose by knife and two scars one on front of my nose and one on left, please suggest me some medicine... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar from Nose Piercing? (photo)

I have had a nose piercing for about two years. After a lot of infections irritation I decided to remove it. After doing so, a bump had formed. I went... READ MORE

Can Deep Scarring on the Nose Be Corrected? (photo)

Hi, 10 week after having my daughter i broke out in shingle on my nose (that is was Dr thinks it was)& I have been left with 4or5 deep round(ish)... READ MORE

Can a Filler Help the Indented Scar on my Nose?

I was in an accident when I was younger which resulted in a scar from the top corner of my nose going down diagonally to the other corner at the... READ MORE

KTP Laser for Scar on Bridge of Nose

Years ago i had a small mole removed surgically on the bridge of my nose that left a scar. This faded nicely to my skins tone and wasn't... READ MORE

What Are My Options for Scar Treatment/Removal? (photo)

Hi, I have acne on my nose, with hypertrophic scars, sunken scars and pit scars. My nose is extremely oily still currently have spots of reds. I use... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scars on my Nose? (photo)

Hello doctors I have no acne but I have hypertrophic scars, these are like lifts skin, I apply the fractional c02 laser but did not work in my scars... READ MORE

Cut Top of Nose After Fall. How To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

This photos were taken in April 2 month after the incident,Question Deep Cut Top of Lip After and nose After Fall. How To Prevent Scarring? I recently... READ MORE

Excision of Pitedt Scars on Side of Nose?

I have two pitted scars on the side of my nose. They are the result of teenage acne, and are several years old. The larger one is located on the right... READ MORE

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