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Scarred After Laser Vein Treatment to Face

I had a vein treated with a laser on my face, the vein went from the corner of my mouth to below my chin. I had a large blister immediately after.... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove This Scars From a Fire Cracker Accident? (Photos)

Dear Doc, i had scar marks after the fire accident(Fire cracker) in 1991 , i had multiple plastic surgery in Chennai, India but face still has many... READ MORE

Scar Revision Gone Wrong - Could This Be Contact Dermatitis?

I'm questioning if its contact dermatitis (going onto 7 weeks) but it was assumed I was allergic to adhesive applied to my scar revision or... READ MORE

What Would Reduce a Herpes Scar Appearance?

Hi , i have a depressed herpes scar on one of my mouth corners , that i got when i was 3 and wasnt treated since nobody knew it was herpes. So i would... READ MORE

How long should a fat lip last?

I was punched in the mouth in March and the lip was cut inside and out. It was very swollen but over time the swelling went away. The part of the lip... READ MORE

Lumenis SCAAR FX treatment? (Photo)

My mother has scar tissue on the left side of her face from over 50 surgeries. (cancer) It is difficult to open her mouth. She has a beautiful smile -... READ MORE

Half of bottom lip won't move when talking/smiling. (photo)

When I was about 3, I injured my lip. I have a small scar in the corner of my mouth. I had never noticed before, but looking at old pictures and... READ MORE

Split stitch in my mouth. Do I need to get it fixed?

I split my lip and had some stitches, I accidentally cut one of the ones in my mouth. Is this serious, do I need to get it fixed or am I just over... READ MORE

How to lighten angular cheileis scar (discolorations, no more bumps). (Photos)

I've been using Hydroquinone and Tretinoin for my dark scars around my mouth caused by Angular Cheilitis, would it work? The scars are flat, all is... READ MORE

Ways to Correct Internal Scar Tissue in Cheek?

I got the scar tissue in my cheek (from wisdom teeth extraction that got infected) 4 years ago, I had lots of massages to manage the swelling but it... READ MORE

Stitches inside my mouth on lower lip came off now I have a big hole. What should I do?

Had a surgery inside my lower lip. had something removed, anyway, I got stitches 4 days ago. today as brushing my teeth my stitches fell and now i... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Old Surgery Scar?

I had a mouth surgery more than 10 years ago, the scar was from mouth to neck, what is the best laser treatment for this kind of scar? READ MORE

Scarring or change in smile after stitches at oral commissure? (Photo)

Met with road accident causing gaping hole at corner of mouth and a cut towards the outside (muscle tear happened). Got stitched with 15 microsutures... READ MORE

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