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Single needling for individual atrophic scars?

Do any doctors offer single needling (not dermarolling) to individual atrophic scars? is it an effective method? what is the difference between... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for icepick/boxcar scars for olive skin? Microneddling + Genesis or Punch excision + picosure?(photo)

I am 29 y, olive skin and I have been fighting against acne For 20 y. After use Accutane twice, now I want treat my scars. I have a icepick and boxcar... READ MORE

Are any US doctors able to use a product called ReCell for scar repigmentation?

Are any US doctors able to use a product called Recell yet for scar repigmentation? I've read about this product online made by Avita Medical and it... READ MORE

Best scar treatments? I was bitten by a dog 3 weeks ago, have scars above my lip & on my cheek that are raised and bumpy (Photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon. He said I wouldn't be able to do anything to them for months but eventually he could revise them. I've been massaging... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hypertrophic pigmented scar treatment? (photos)

I am a light-skinned African American. I have had a pigmented hypertrophic scar on my face for 24 years. I had it treated about a year ago. The... READ MORE

Please tell me the best way to treat my scars other than fillers? I hope that a more permanent solution exists. (photo)

Can someone please advise me as to what type of scars these are and what would be the best way to treat them? How effective would microneedling by a... READ MORE

What can I do to make my deep scar that runs vertically between my eyebrows get better? (Photo)

I got into a car accident 2 years ago and the airbag deployed and the AUDI symbol on the steerwheel sliced my forehead between my eyes long ways.. so... READ MORE

I have scars after Restylane injection, any suggestions on how to fix them? (Photos)

2005 I had an injection with restylane in my nasolabial folds. 3 years later scaars grew under my skin(see pics). After that I had these treatments:... READ MORE

Microneedling. I'm asking "how" these little scars that have been left can be fixed safely or will they go away in time? (photo)

I have been left with scars from 4 microneedling sessions. They are tiny little scars everyplace and yes scarring has been reported with this... READ MORE

Microneedling damage.

Hi I had a professional microneedle treatment two months ago and there are two marks on my forehead that looks like a fingernail was pressed into the... READ MORE

How to improve columella scar? (photos)

My scar is 14 months old. Is there any treatment to help minimize the appearance. Any recommendations to improve columella scar? Surgical scar... READ MORE

Would 5% hydroquinone lighten this darker area of a hypertrophic scar? (Photo)

I've had multiple procedures, multiple times (microneedling, fraxel, vbeam, deep dermarolling) and have been using 2% hydroquinone for over a year on... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the shine of a scar? (photo)

I had a cyst when I was about 9 years old that I never went to the dr and let it close on its own it left me with a big scar. I have had 5... READ MORE

What type of scar is this and how can I treat it? (photo)

Hey I start growing this type of scar within a year and suffers from large pores. I have tried microneedling once but do not see improvement but worse... READ MORE

Cosmetic treatments for Breast Augmentation Scars? (Photos)

I'm about one & a half months out from my BA, and wanted to get on a treatment program for my scars. I've begun using Mepitac silicon sheets +... READ MORE

Can Micro Needling Get Rid of Scars on Legs?

Im 15 and summer is coming up soon. I have alot of bug bite scars on my legs, is there any way i can make then go away. before it didnt matter but now... READ MORE

Any options for this scarring caused by diathermy by thread veins? (Photo)

I had the treatment 3 months ago. I had derma stamp 4 weeks ago and it does seem to have improved quite a bit. The redness has definitely improved and... READ MORE

What is the best time to start treatment (for example, microneedle therapy) after formation depressed chickenpox scars? (Photo)

What is the best time to start treatment ( for example micro needle therapy or microdermabrasion) after formation depressed chickenpox scars? Because... READ MORE

Chicken pox scar treatment options? (Photo)

I have deep chicken pox scars. Ive have tried micro needling (2 treatments), using the derma roller at home, filler (they said it didnt work because... READ MORE

Scarring on face. What will be the best treatment? (Photo)

I have multiple scars on my face most being box and rolling scars, although I have a indented scar on my cheek which is small but deep what treatment... READ MORE

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