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Burn in the Nipple

Well about a month ago i used a massage machine for the breast without cream even though it did said so in the instructions..i think that i burned my... READ MORE

Kenalog 40 Injection?

What would be the appropriate amount of time to uses Kenalog 40/Cortisone injection for excess scar tissue & neuroma removed from the Upper Lip?... READ MORE

Can You Have Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue Inside Your Stomach Area ?

My daughter has had several surgeries due to Hirshprungs disease when she was a baby. Now she is having issues with scar tissue pulling on her organs... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Make the Redness Go Away and Help It from Not Scarring? (photo)

Would CryoStem Cell Treatment Peel help??I' ve been using bio oil , aloe vera plant, lavender a derme Scar Gel , and SCARprin with has 100%... READ MORE

Deep forehead laceration (1 inch) down to the muscle. Will this heal favorably? Will forehead movement return to normal? (photo)

Its been 4 weeks since an object hit me and caused a deep cut. It was stitched both internally and externally by a plastic surgeon. I have been... READ MORE

Will massaging a scar on the forehead widen it? (Photo)

I've heard that massaging a scar works great in minimizing its effects to some degree. However, I'm worried about the prospect of widening the scar in... READ MORE

I got hit by a bottle 4 months ago. What can I do about the swelling around the scar? (Photo)

Got hit on Saturday. PS could only look at it Monday. PS put Micropore tape on instead of stitches for 6 weeks. Have been massaging with scar gel for... READ MORE

Is my scar hypertrophic and should I massage it to make it heal better? (Photo)

I had a hairline lowering about 6 weeks ago, and my incision has become redder. I realize this is normal, but it seems the incision around my right... READ MORE

Is it too late to start scar massaging after 6 months? (Photo)

My 3 year-old son had stitches on his forehead 6 months ago. We have been using Mederma and the car of course has improved greatly with time. I have... READ MORE

What is best treatment for scars?

Which is the best treatment for scars that are white and flat? They are from a breast augmentation in the fold, and are flat and white. Does massage,... READ MORE

Scar Revision for 11 year old? (Photo)

My son injured his forehead 2 years ago and has a raised scar. We have been using massage and pressure as directed by the doctor and it has improved a... READ MORE

Use Mederma and Scaraway sheet together?

I'm trying to heal a new scar on the face. Is it okay to use Mederma and Scaraway silicon sheet together? I massage the area with Mederma for a few... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a mature dog bite scar on the lower jaw? (Photo)

I have a depressed dog bite scar on my lower jaw that is about 2.5 inches long and is becoming more visible as I get older. I used silicone sheeting... READ MORE

How can I treat my hypertrophic scars? (photos)

I have hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and chest from acne. I have had them for 4 years and they HAVE improved but not that much for this amount of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Sauna/Steam Room and Get a Body Scrub After a Laser Treatment for Scars?

I had a laser treatment after an abdominoplasty to help with scarring. Is it adviseable to use a sauna/steam room and get a scrub after such treatment... READ MORE

Will Messaging a Lump of Scar Tissue on my Jaw from Getting Hit, Make It Go Away? If not What Options are There?

I was hit in my jaw and now have a lump of scar tissue lumped up. It doesn't hurt but raises the skin and makes my face look fat. If I gently... READ MORE

How Can I Resolve A Cheek Dent After Stitches Were Removed?

I took a hit on my face, and had 2 stitches outside my left cheek and 6 inside. My face was all normal until I removed the 2 stitches on the outside.... READ MORE

Please help! How to treat/remove baby's face scar? Any ointment or cream just for baby's skin? (Photo)

Hi doctors! My baby girl was only 6 month old when she hit her face on the sharp corner and had 3 stitches. It's been 3 month and half only using... READ MORE

I Have a Blade Cut Scar on my Cheek, What Can I Do To Help It Heal?

I hav this blade cut scar on my cheek not big but uncomfortable i tried mssg it but it peeld off the inner layer whitish idont know how to describ but... READ MORE

Internal scar tissue & swelling

Years ago I was hit in the face and extreme to minor bruising/swelling occurred. Ever since the effected areas (eye & cheek) have been slightly... READ MORE

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