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Burn in the Nipple

Well about a month ago i used a massage machine for the breast without cream even though it did said so in the instructions..i think that i burned my... READ MORE

Kenalog 40 Injection?

What would be the appropriate amount of time to uses Kenalog 40/Cortisone injection for excess scar tissue & neuroma removed from the Upper Lip?... READ MORE

Can You Have Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue Inside Your Stomach Area ?

My daughter has had several surgeries due to Hirshprungs disease when she was a baby. Now she is having issues with scar tissue pulling on her organs... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Make the Redness Go Away and Help It from Not Scarring? (photo)

Would CryoStem Cell Treatment Peel help??I' ve been using bio oil , aloe vera plant, lavender a derme Scar Gel , and SCARprin with has 100%... READ MORE

Deep forehead laceration (1 inch) down to the muscle. Will this heal favorably? Will forehead movement return to normal? (photo)

Its been 4 weeks since an object hit me and caused a deep cut. It was stitched both internally and externally by a plastic surgeon. I have been... READ MORE

I got hit by a bottle 4 months ago. What can I do about the swelling around the scar? (Photo)

Got hit on Saturday. PS could only look at it Monday. PS put Micropore tape on instead of stitches for 6 weeks. Have been massaging with scar gel for... READ MORE

Will massaging a scar on the forehead widen it? (Photo)

I've heard that massaging a scar works great in minimizing its effects to some degree. However, I'm worried about the prospect of widening the scar in... READ MORE

Is my scar hypertrophic and should I massage it to make it heal better? (Photo)

I had a hairline lowering about 6 weeks ago, and my incision has become redder. I realize this is normal, but it seems the incision around my right... READ MORE

Use Mederma and Scaraway sheet together?

I'm trying to heal a new scar on the face. Is it okay to use Mederma and Scaraway silicon sheet together? I massage the area with Mederma for a few... READ MORE

Is it too late to start scar massaging after 6 months? (Photo)

My 3 year-old son had stitches on his forehead 6 months ago. We have been using Mederma and the car of course has improved greatly with time. I have... READ MORE

What is best treatment for scars?

Which is the best treatment for scars that are white and flat? They are from a breast augmentation in the fold, and are flat and white. Does massage,... READ MORE

How can I treat my hypertrophic scars? (photos)

I have hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and chest from acne. I have had them for 4 years and they HAVE improved but not that much for this amount of... READ MORE

Scar Revision for 11 year old? (Photo)

My son injured his forehead 2 years ago and has a raised scar. We have been using massage and pressure as directed by the doctor and it has improved a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a mature dog bite scar on the lower jaw? (Photo)

I have a depressed dog bite scar on my lower jaw that is about 2.5 inches long and is becoming more visible as I get older. I used silicone sheeting... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Sauna/Steam Room and Get a Body Scrub After a Laser Treatment for Scars?

I had a laser treatment after an abdominoplasty to help with scarring. Is it adviseable to use a sauna/steam room and get a scrub after such treatment... READ MORE

Will Messaging a Lump of Scar Tissue on my Jaw from Getting Hit, Make It Go Away? If not What Options are There?

I was hit in my jaw and now have a lump of scar tissue lumped up. It doesn't hurt but raises the skin and makes my face look fat. If I gently... READ MORE

How Can I Resolve A Cheek Dent After Stitches Were Removed?

I took a hit on my face, and had 2 stitches outside my left cheek and 6 inside. My face was all normal until I removed the 2 stitches on the outside.... READ MORE

Please help! How to treat/remove baby's face scar? Any ointment or cream just for baby's skin? (Photo)

Hi doctors! My baby girl was only 6 month old when she hit her face on the sharp corner and had 3 stitches. It's been 3 month and half only using... READ MORE

I Have a Blade Cut Scar on my Cheek, What Can I Do To Help It Heal?

I hav this blade cut scar on my cheek not big but uncomfortable i tried mssg it but it peeld off the inner layer whitish idont know how to describ but... READ MORE

Internal scar tissue & swelling

Years ago I was hit in the face and extreme to minor bruising/swelling occurred. Ever since the effected areas (eye & cheek) have been slightly... READ MORE

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