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I Busted my Bottom Lip Open and then I Had It Stitched Back Together but There is a Fat Lump Now, What Can I Do to Get if Fixed?

I was at a bar one night and one thing lead to another and I got into a fight with someone, and ended up splitting open my bottom lip and needed 5... READ MORE

Scar Revision Post-Op 2 Week? (photo)

Hi, I just had scar revision on a cluster of depressed scarring on my forehead. My doctor suggested he cut out the scarred skin from the and suture... READ MORE

A Thick Lump Appears After a Burn on my Son's Neck? (photo)

Hi, my son got a burn on his neck 2 months ago, and it was healing great, but because he is 2 years old, he won't let us touch it, sometimes i used to... READ MORE

The best way to get discolouration out of a keloid scar? (photo)

I have a hypertrophic/keloid scar from an old nose piercing (4 years). I've been getting injections to minimise the lump, which has mad an enormous... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of the Puckered Scar on my Face?

I had Basal Cell Ca removed from under my left eye, along my nose on Feb 20th. It was closed with layered closure. The Ca was small, but the vertical... READ MORE

I Had a Deep Abrasion Above my Lip from a Fall 3 Weeks Ago and the Scar Has Contracted Pulling my Lip Up. What Can I Do?

The abrasion has healed and the scar is red, sore and lumpy. My main concern is that the scar tissue has caused some contracture and my left vermilion... READ MORE

My Two Year Old Son Just Got Stitches on His Arm and I Notice That the Area is Red and It Has a Lump. It's That Normal?

My Two Year Old Son Just Got Stitches on His Arm and I Notice That the Area is Red and It Has a Lump. It's That Normal? READ MORE

When can I stop applying antibiotic and start applying mederma, etc? (Photo)

I removed my dermabond last night after having it on for 12 days. This is day 2 of applying antibiotic but I'm not sure if it's futile adding it at... READ MORE

Possible Facial Scarring After Getting Bit in the Face? (photo)

I was bit in the face during a fight.. the bite did not require stitches, it did however penetrate the dermis but wasn't determined how many layers it... READ MORE

A week after a biopsy on my face the scar tissue had two hard white lumps. Should I be concerned?

A week after a biopsy on my face the scar tissue had two hard white lumps. They are also under the scar. Had them for three weeks now. Should I be... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Minimise Scar Appearance of an Upper Lip Reduction?

Can Lasers be use? If not what are the options? The scar is slightly indented along the incision and shows a little during repose. The upper lip also... READ MORE

Will It Get Any Better with Time?

Dear Doctor/s three weeks ago I have an accident mountain biking. I broke my nose and took some flesh away from just under my right nostril and... READ MORE

Can scar tissue cause pain? And can it be removed?

3 years ago I had a bike accident, which resulted in me getting a intramuscular haematoma, which was drained a few months later. Now have a lump on... READ MORE

Did my 20 month old daughter's forehead scar heal poorly? (photos)

At 9 months old, my daughter collided with our dog. Now 11 months later, the scar line is invisible when her face is relaxed. But, when she makes... READ MORE

Hard lump in my cheek still from a mouth laceration ? What can I do? (Photo)

I was injured 3-4 months ago and my canine tooth sliced the inside of my cheek from the trauma, and also the slit on the side of my mouth. There is a... READ MORE

Mometasone Furoate for a Scar?

I have a surgical scar on my face and it is very lumpy and unsightly. I am desperate for a way to improve the appearance. I have some mometasone... READ MORE

Swelling After Stitches Turned into Lumps, Suture Sights Have Lumps and Extra Swelling That Never Went Down? (photo)

A flap of skin was somewhat cut off but sown back together. Its almost been 2 weeks and the swelling in 3 areas turned into hard lumps. The swelling... READ MORE

How do you get rid of a cut on the upper lip? (photo)

I was punch in the mouth by some random guy. I had two stitches on the outside remove and the stitches on the inside of my mouth dissolve on its own.... READ MORE

Scar on Cheek Below Eye has Lumps and is Painful. What Are My Options? (photos)

I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and ended up with a broken nose, some lacerations below my eyebrow (10 stitches) and another cut (3 stitches)1/2... READ MORE

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