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Hard Scar Tissue and Horizontal Bump on Lip After Lip Scar Revision

About 2 years ago i was hit in the mouth playing hockey. My lips were split and immediately stitched up, luckily the cut had not gone above the lip... READ MORE

Can You Fix Scar Tissue That Has Distorted Lip?

Daughter fell and teeth ripped thru under lip and partly on bottom lip. She was stitched in the emergency room and outside healed well. At 4 weeks I... READ MORE

Repair Lip Scar from a Bad Cold Sore

I get Cold Sores/Herpes on my lip. As a child I use to get them frequently, today I treat them with Valtrex and Acyclovir cream, the minute I feel the... READ MORE

Deep Cut Top of Lip After A Fall. How To Prevent Scarring?

I recently had a fall. I have a deep cut from my nose to my lip which went right through at one point and it is jagged. I have had four stitches in it... READ MORE

I Have a Scar on my Lip That Makes a Noticeable Bump. Is There Any Surgery or Remedies I Can Try? (photo)

I got in a football accident when i was younger and it left a scar that looks like a noticeable bump on my lip. It's very frustrating and depressing... READ MORE

Excess Scar Tissue From Lip Injury: What Are my Options?

About 8 years ago I was in an accident that resulted in my top lip being split in half. I immediatley went to the hospital and received 16 stitches on... READ MORE

Dog Bite Lip Scar Treatment

I was bitten by a dog Feb 2010 I had 19 Stitches in my lip what treatments are available. The scar looks like a Cold Sore it is on the side of my lip... READ MORE

How do I reduce/get rid of scarring on my lips from picking a cold sore? (photos)

I have to noticeable bright red dots on the skin above my lip from picking cold sores. Is there anyway I can get rid of the scars or make it less... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After Lip Picking? (photo)

How can I get rid of the scar tissue that I got after I picked my lip continously for a couple of weeks? The scar is white and not flat. Is there... READ MORE

How Can I Remove A Lip Scar?

I am unhappy with how my daugther's lips looks and would like to know what possible treatments there are to fix or remove the scar . She bit very... READ MORE

How Can I Lessen Scarring Inside the Lower Lip?

I had a bike accident a month ago and broke my jaw in two places. Although the swelling has gone down considerably and I am now left with some... READ MORE

Lip Scar Treatment

I recently had a fever blister that healed but it left me with a very uncomfortable scar on the edge of my lips and it will not go away, any... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on and Around my Lips? (photo)

About 7 years ago I was in a bad car accident. Glass cut my face on and around my lips. Most of the cuts healed without much scarring but some are... READ MORE

I Have a Burn Mark on my Lower Left Side Bottom Lip, What Can Be Done So It Can Look Normal Again? (photo)

I have a burn mark on my bottom lip on the left side, it happened years ago, domestic violence, crazy ex husband. READ MORE

What Are My Best Options For Lip Scar Treatment? (photo)

I cut my upper lip 5 weeks ago playing basketball. It was stitched immediately at the ER but only outside sutures were used even though it was very... READ MORE

I Have Very Small Scars from Lip Piercings and Am Wondering How Much It Would Be to Close the Scars? (photo)

I had both sides of my lips pierced for quite some time. Ive been trying to close them for the past year and on the outside I have a small hole while... READ MORE

Scarring After Stitches and Missing Month Corners? (photo)

Hi, I got elbowed, busted my lips open, which was deep to the point, in which I was a hole that you can see inside. The cut was horizontal Got 3... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Lip Scar Revision in Texas

I am looking for a texas facial plastic surgeon who is very skilled with scar revision of the lips. I have a scar that runs from my upper lip to the... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Scars from Cold Sores?

Hi. I suffer from recurrent cold sores/HSV1 which usually only occur on the roof of my lips or above my lips and below my nose (never exclusively on... READ MORE

Busted Lip, White Skin Tissue, How Long Will It Stay? How Do I Get Rid of It?

I recently busted my lips going down stairs and I think I have white skin tissue that has formed over the wound, I don't know what to do about it.... READ MORE

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