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Scarred After Laser Vein Treatment to Face

I had a vein treated with a laser on my face, the vein went from the corner of my mouth to below my chin. I had a large blister immediately after.... READ MORE

Deep Scar Laser Treatment Recommendations?

Can anybody recommend a laser to treat deep scar? i had a inner/medial thigh lift in january 2008. of course it left me with a not so nice scar. one... READ MORE

To What Extent Can Laser Therapy Improve the Scar's Appearance?

I'm a 28/m & i got a traumatic,almost vertical scar running from my hair line in front to the near upper margin of my eyebrow, its like maybe... READ MORE

I have a hypertrophic scar on my nose, would cortisone injections or laser treatment help me? (photo)

3 months ago i got into an accident and was scarred. Now i have a red and raised scar on my nose. My nose used to be straight but now it has a bump.... READ MORE

Depressed Scar on Face-- Caused by Laser Treatment of Mole

I have a depressed scar on my face due to unexpected result from a laser treatment of mole. It looks like the pic below  but this is not me.... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar - Silicone Sheets or Laser Treatment?

I had abdominal surgery 2 years ago to remove cysts & left with 8cm scar. Tried all different oilment,scar cream 6 months after surgery.Tried the... READ MORE

What Laser Would Be Best for Surgery Incision Scars?

I had back surgery about a year ago, and have a scar running down my back and was wondering which laser would be best for fading the redness or fading... READ MORE

Scar treatment options for hypertrophic scars on foreskin of penis. (photo)

I have scars on my foreskin from excessive masturbation without lube. I have tried hydrocortisone cream, vitamin E oil, and silicone scar sheets with... READ MORE

Total FX Laser or Dermabrasion? (photo)

I have a 3 month old scar over my right eyebrow due to a fall. A portion of the scar is raised (nearer the center of my forehead) while the rest of... READ MORE

Applied dettol on my face 10 years back and had got a bad scar on my whole face. Can anyone suggest me a treatment? (Photo)

When i'm in my teenage unknowingly i applied dettol on my whole face. I never told my parents or friends about this till now. 2 weeks back one i read... READ MORE

When will the RecoSMA laser be available in the US?

When will the RecoSMA laser be available in the US?? I've been reading good reviews on it for scars. Please let us know when we could expect it to be... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Laser for Alarplasty and Columella Scars?

Which is more effective ? Are there different methods of scar revision ? READ MORE

Best Laser To Flatten Scar Tissue in Upper Lip?

What is the best Laser Treatment to help Flatten scar tissue inside the upper lip without destroying hair follicles? Lip is raised. Thank you. READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment to Remove Surgical White Scaring

White scaring behind both ears was due to face lift as i have lost a few pounds scaring seems to have become more visible.what treatment would be best... READ MORE

Scar Treatment: Is Laser the Best Option?

I had a fibrous popule removed from my nose 6 months ago. It has healed over but there is now a scar on the side of my nose that is red\dark. I am... READ MORE

I Had Laser Treatment for Old Scars on my Legs. Now They Look Like Melted Skin.

I have several small, round scars on my legs that I had some laser treatment done to. I had 5 treatments, 3 minutes each over the past 5 months. My... READ MORE

Removal of Self Inflicted Scars

Hi i have approx 10 year old self injury scars. Just would like an opinion on whether anything can be done eg fraxel laser to help the appearance of... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars and Makeup

I want to have a laser scar removal treatment but do not know which type is suitable for me. I think there might be some nodules/pus deep inside my... READ MORE

Cut marks in forehead. Is laser treatment safe? (Photo)

Sir I have a cut marks on my forehead.reason some how cut by me in childhood.But year by year it getting more deep .I want to remove it please suggest... READ MORE

Chemical Burn on Face? (photo)

I got a scar from a chemical burn two months ago. It's size is about 1,5 cm x 1 cm. The fact that I'm on Accutane probably made it worse. Two weeks... READ MORE

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