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Knee Scar

I have a appox. 3" scar on my right knee due to a broken patella surgery I had 2 and a half years ago. I am not sure what type of scar I have but... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for Massive Amounts of Scarring Due to 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns?

I was in a gas explosion several months ago, my torso and face are relatively unscathed but my legs are grafted from the knee down to the top of the... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Knee

Hi, I've previously posted a question re: my knee scar due to a broken patella surgery I had about 2 yrs ago. I have been looking for ways to... READ MORE

Can I Still Use Dermatix on a 4-Year Old Keloid?

I had an motor accident last oct 2006 , and the wound became keloid , and i also had again an motor accident last dec2009 , what should be the... READ MORE

Fell on Knee. Wound Closed Up But It Is Still Dark Red? (photo)

I fell on my knees really hard while jogging. I fell on pavement. my wound closed up but its still dark red . its very large and ugly. will this leave... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for a Surgery Scar on Knee?

I have an onld surgery scar on my knee and I do not want it to be so noticeable. READ MORE

White Scars on Both Knees?

I have white scars on both my knees that im tired of hiding them! Pls help me get rid of them. Thnx When i was young im clumsy and i often trift off... READ MORE

Fixator Pin-Site Scars on Knees? (photo)

I had some orthopedic correction done to both tibias using external fixation (metal frames with pins). I am left with some rather unsightly pin-site... READ MORE

Removal of Dark Purple Accident Scar?

Approximately 6 months ago I was in a bad accident and basically tore my knee open. I had to have 16 staples put in it for 2 weeks to get it back... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve Surgical Knee Scars?

Hello I got surgery 15 months ago and had troubles with scarring. My scar opened a bit 1 month after surgery so is now not as linear as it should be.... READ MORE

How can I get dark spots on my legs and knees lighter? (photos)

I don't think 500 characters could explain how crippling it is for me to have such boyish scared legs. Most are my scars are due to cuts from playing... READ MORE

Scar Darkened by Sun?

I have a small flat scar below my knee, like a little cut about 6mm long, I didn't protect it from the sun and now it is darker than the rest of my... READ MORE

Any Options for Improvement of Knee Scar on Indian Female? (photo)

Hello again doctors. Here is a scar I received during a bike ride as a 12-year-old. Unlike most of my scars, this one is hypo-pigmented. Any tips on... READ MORE

Why does my scar look so red/brown/thick and it sometimes switches color from brown and pale red to red when I exercise? (photo)

I fell down on the road while jogging last month and hurt my knee. Now the scar is in red and brown color, feels very thick(raised) and sometimes... READ MORE

Can a Thick Scarred Skin Graft on Knee Be Fixed?

I had a brown oval birthmark surgically removed 10 yrs ago and had a skin graph to cover the area its really thick and scarred is there any way to fix... READ MORE

What can I use to fade my dark knee and scar? (photo)

The scar in the middle is from an accident that happened 7 years ago and its kind of dark but not as much as it was 7 years ago. I tried everything... READ MORE

What Are my Options for This Hypertrophic Scar Just Below my Patella? (photo)

I sustained a laceration from a bad fall. The scar is about 10 months old. It is slightly painful when pressure is applied to it such as kneeling, is... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done About my Knee Scar? (photo)

In the middle of June, I was skateboarding and fell and hit my knee on the concrete. It was pretty deep, and a big, bulging, purplish scar formed. I... READ MORE

Dark Brown Scars on Knees

I have dark brown scars on both my knees from falling on gravel. Doctor at the time said they are like third degree burn and treated. They have healed... READ MORE

Tissue Expansion for Knee Scars?

I have really bad scars on both of my knees which I got as a child. Each knee is covered entirely by scars. My skin type is a IV, and I'm 24 y/o. I've... READ MORE

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