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Combined Keloid Removal Treatments

Dear Doc, I am a 29 year old female, who has suffered from keloids since I was young. I have had a sternal keloid since I had chicken pox, 20... READ MORE

Kenalog Made my Scar Concave: Can This Be Fixed?

My surgeon injected one of my cholecystectomy scars with Kenalog in order to flatten it out. But it worked too well and now it looks like I have a... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of a Kenalog Injection?

I received a steroid injection to manage scarring of a rhinoplasty and was wandering how long it would take to see the effects of kenalog. Can it be... READ MORE

Kenalog Overdose for Scars - 40 Instead 10mg?

I have scar tissue yr after surgery near ear/jaw, 2 lumps each 1.2 cm2. My Dr took kenalog directly from vial (no dilution) and injected 0.25 mL... READ MORE

Kenalog 40 Injection?

What would be the appropriate amount of time to uses Kenalog 40/Cortisone injection for excess scar tissue & neuroma removed from the Upper Lip?... READ MORE

Is Kenalog Harmful to Flat Scars?

I have a small flat burn on my tummy that is red and I have treated it well and it is not raised and is only still very red. my dermatologist talked... READ MORE

Do I Have Keloid or Hypertrophic Scars? (photo)

Hello, I had acne breakout about 3 years ago and it left really bad scarring. Well this year I went to doctor and she told me I have keloids but I... READ MORE

What Else Can Be Done for Upper Blepharplasty Scarring? (photo)

I am almost 8 wks. post op upper bleph & internal brow pexy. Bumpy raised scarring became noticeable shortly after the sutures were removed for... READ MORE

Can kenalog damage be reversed?

I had kenalog injections -low dose, (about 8 over a 12 month period) on a hypertrophic scar, plus vbeam treatments for the scar. My scar widened and... READ MORE

Typically, how long does intralesional kenalog atrophy continue to worsen?

Two weeks after I had a large pimple injected with kenalog twice, an indentation showed up. It is now 6 weeks since the last injection. Do you feel... READ MORE

What else can I do to get rid of keloid redness and unknown red bumps[possibly acne/cysts/boils] (Photo)

The big keloid and also the dots above, to the left, and right beneath the keloid are raised. I've gotten Kenalog 40 injections done once on the big... READ MORE

Timing for kenalog injections for scars...

I had a bellybutton scar revision from having a tummy tuck 1 yr ago. My scar was raised and darkened. It has only been 8 wks since the revision. I am... READ MORE

How long before kenalog injection in granuloma works?

I've received a kenalog injection into a small-ish granuloma underye my eye. How long will it take before the kenalog takes effect, and the granuloma... READ MORE

Kenelog Injections to Radix

Will kenelog injections in the radix/glabella area decrease scar tissue or fatty tissue? READ MORE

Kenalog dose to avoid atrophy? (Photo)

I have hypertrofic scar which has had every treatment available I am now looking at vascular lazer and kenalog injections together. I am wanting to... READ MORE

Intralesional Injections for Hypertrophic Scars, but no photos?

I have scoured the web for before & after photos of examples where intralesional injections (e.g., of a corticosteroid, Kenalog, 5FU, etc.) were... READ MORE

Can Kenalog Injections Help a Person's Bumpy /scarred Skin Areas Return to a More Normal and Natural Skin Texture and Color?

Can Kenalog Injections Help a Person's Bumpy /scarred Skin Areas Return to a More Normal and Natural Skin Texture and Color? READ MORE

How Much 5 Fu is Used for Internal Scar in Cheeks? (photo)

Hi I have some firm scar tissue in my cheeks after fat transfer. I was advised that 5 fu combined with steroid (kenalog) may be helpful (mixture of... READ MORE

What to do? Went to see plastic surgeon #1 who used kenalog. I still feel pain & now have a huge black and blue scar in. (Photo)

Next, a dermatologist who prescribed Lyrica & told me if scars hurt I should see about scar revision. Continuing... another plastic surgeon opined... READ MORE

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