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I get thick ingrown hairs grow in my neck, chin and around my jaw line. Why? (photo)

Im a 25 year old. I am left with scars that have lasted for years because the hairs grow back in the exact same spot. Its a cycle. I pluck, shave, wax... READ MORE

Keloid along jaw line. What would be the best treatment option? (Photo)

I have many large and small keloids along my jawline. Sometimes they hurt and itch. It is very unlightly when I put my hair up. I have gotten some... READ MORE

How can I break up scar tissue and adhesions in my face post parotidectomy? (photo)

I am 3 months post parotidectomy for a pleomorphic adenoma. I had developed a seroma/sialocele 1 week post-op, and had needle aspirations and wore a... READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Facial Scar Tissue? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my jawline5 weeks ago. It didn't close and had to be redone 1 week later. I then developed a lump of scar tissue underneath... READ MORE

Scar revision with W plasty. How can I get rid of the redness? (Photo)

I had done my scar revision in month of June 2014 the produce was used was W plasty now after 3 month the scar is still red how to get rid of the... READ MORE

I am a 28 year old Asian Male suffering from jawline keloids/hypertrophc scarring. (Photo)

I wanted to see if there was any alternative treatments. Steroid injections have worked to flatten these scars, but after I stopped getting them they... READ MORE

When Should I Go See a Dermatologist to See if It's Time to Get Treatment on my Scar? (photo)

It's been 4 months since the accident and I'm wondering what should I do about my scar. I can't tell if it's a hypertrophic or a keloid scar because I... READ MORE

Best Treatment for 22 Years Old Scar Caused by Hot Water? (photo)

My scar is located on my left jawline. It measures about 3-4inches in length and little bit raised. I am leaning toward Fraxel treatment for about 4-6... READ MORE

I'm looking to have two scars at my jawline fixed. I'm curious what procedure I should expect to undergo to correct it? (Photo)

I have two scars on my jawline from a series of surgeries I had before I was 4 years old. They used to cover one whole side of my face as a child but... READ MORE

Large keloid. What treatments are available that are efficient and affordable so that he can get his life back?

I have a friend who has an excessively large keloid on his face. It has grown over the years and now covers half his lip, one nostril,and is causing... READ MORE

Keloids on the jaw line, how much would it cost for removal? (Photos)

I have had these keloids for a few years now, and I'm completely lost on what to do. I've seen three doctors, but it's been three years and if... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Kenalog injection?

Hi doctors, A year aging had my jawline reduced. I have now developed internal scar tissue in a small area of my jaw. It feels thick and u comfortable... READ MORE

Scar on jawline. How can I treat it? (Photo)

I have got black pigmented scars on my jawline post my 1st laser therapy on face READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Reduce This Raised Scar (Reddish) on my Lower Jawline?

I had surgery two months ago and as a result there is a small scar left on my lower jaw. I would like to flatten it. I need help. READ MORE

How to Take Care of a New Scar?

I did fractional co2 laser 5 months ago on my cheek. I found out there is a linear and little elevated scar on my lower cheek (near jaw). I remembered... READ MORE

I have been recommended 1 treatment using 4 different techniques

I get spots around my mouth and have a few pick axe scars, pores and pigmentation on my cheeks and white lumps along the chin and jaw line. I visited... READ MORE

Is my jawline scar going to become indented? Is there a better closure technique? (Photo)

I feel like this incision is going to become indented. Was it done properly? READ MORE

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