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Excess Scar Tissue From Lip Injury: What Are my Options?

About 8 years ago I was in an accident that resulted in my top lip being split in half. I immediatley went to the hospital and received 16 stitches on... READ MORE

I Had a Bike Accident and I Had Scratch Marks over my Face, What Options Do I Have To Treat This?

I Had a Bike Accident and I Had Scratch Marks over my Face, What Options Do I Have To Treat This? READ MORE

Treatment Options for Indented Scratch Scars on Leg?

I have a series of reddish indented/depressed scars from deep scratches on my inner thighs. They are varied ranging from 1-3mm wide and 0.5-4cm long.... READ MORE

Best Scar Removal Treatment for Old Injury Scars on Lower Legs? (photo)

Hello Doctors, being in a cycling and football team, i have had a fair of scars on my legs the past 2 years :-( . Attached are the scars on both legs... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Laceration?

Hi, Yesterday I had an accident at about 11 p.m where the car bumped in a pole due to dark and rain.I was on the back seat and I was wearing a crystal... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Dent/Crater Middle/top of Nose... Its Scabbing Still, Anything I Should Do? (photo)

Hi. I ran into tree branch smacking the top of my nose. two days ago. Its still scabbing up and healing, but i can already see a big dent/crater... READ MORE

Is This Scar Fixable Without Notice of the Skin Raised? (photo)

Im 28 yr old male I was in a Car wreck march 17 of this year, my face was cut from something not sure what but they put 5 stitches in my face in the... READ MORE

Stitches on Face?

Hi, I had a bicycle accident 4 days ago and needed four stitches on my upper forehead and chin. The doctor at the hospital said to get the dressings... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best and Safest Way on Minimizing Two Scars on my Forehead? (photo)

I had bicycle accident about 15 years ago, resulting in having two flat scars on my forehead that aren't deep. i barely feel them if i move my finger... READ MORE

I have workplace injury to left forearm. Is there any cream/ gel to lighten these skin graft marks? (photos)

To reconstruct my arm surgeons has to do several surgeries. they have to do skin grafting from my both thighs and free flap from right thigh.i... READ MORE

My Fiancé Needed Stitches on Her Face June 28 2013(wedding in October)can We Do Laser Scar Treatment?

We were in a car wreck June 2013. She required around 7 stitches starting between her eyebrows and going at a diagonal over her right eye. Our wedding... READ MORE

Forehead Scar Treatment Options? (photo)

I have a two year old scar on my forehead between my eyes from a injury that I'm self conscience about. I used Bio-Oil and Mederma cream on it for... READ MORE

Which medications can rapidly cure old scars?

I have scares from mosquito bites,injuries and scratches READ MORE

Minor injury scar - Now my scar skin looks little harder and little shiny but its flat. Is that normal?

I've got a v-shaped scar near my lower jaw from an accident that happened 6 months ago. Now my scar skin looks little harder and little shiny but its... READ MORE

Indentation in my Sons Cheek From a Fall?

My son had a bad fall in the park 3 weeks ago - leaving him with a big bruise on his cheek. The bruise is 99% healed but he has been left with an... READ MORE

Why Do Some Serious Scars Regain Skin Color, Or Close To It, While Others Do Not? (photo)

Dear Doctors: Last year, I was slashed in the face. Although it has still been under a year, unfortunately it looks like I may end up with a white... READ MORE

During a Game of Catch I Was Hit in the Face by a Baseball and my Tooth Went Through my Upper Lip. How Badly Will It Scar?

During a game of catch I was hit in the face by a baseball and my tooth went through my upper lip. It created an upside down V cut that required 3... READ MORE

Will Laser Help to Reduce Scar Tissue Which Formed on Cheek?

I suffered a trauma to my cheek 8 months ago. Although the wound has left a small mark, the entire cheek is still swollen and the area directly beside... READ MORE

How to remove White scar tissue from Lip? (photo)

A year ago I bit my lip really hard and it has left me with white scar tissues on my lip. I didn't do anything because i expected it to go away, but... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Repair Hypotropic Scars?

My scars are white, flat, and mostly on my shins from injuries. READ MORE

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