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Will a cortisone injection greatly reduce redness in a hypertrophic scar? How long are the results?

Approximately how long do the positive results from a cortisone injection last when used on a hypertrophic scar? READ MORE

Keloid Injection: in the Scar or Deep Inside Skin?

Hi. i have few keloid scars on my body. the doctor is expensive. so i am going to inject kenacort injection myself. now i tried giving those kenacort... READ MORE

Keloid along jaw line. What would be the best treatment option? (Photo)

I have many large and small keloids along my jawline. Sometimes they hurt and itch. It is very unlightly when I put my hair up. I have gotten some... READ MORE

Should I Get Steroid Injections to Fresh Scars from a Laparoscopic Procedure?

Should I get steroid injections to fresh scars from a laparoscopic procedure? I have two cuts to the sides of my belly button. READ MORE

The best way to get discolouration out of a keloid scar? (photo)

I have a hypertrophic/keloid scar from an old nose piercing (4 years). I've been getting injections to minimise the lump, which has mad an enormous... READ MORE

Should I Ask for a Higher Dosage of Injection for Keloid Treatment?

I started Keloid treatment a couple months ago with injections and i have noticed the ones on my chest and back have flattened a lot which is good,... READ MORE

Timing To Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears? (photo)

How Long After Surgery Should I Wait to Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears READ MORE

What happens if I have too much steroids from the injections? Are there any side effects?

I have several keloids on my upper back, ive been getting steroid injections every 2 months for about a year and a half AT LEAST. I'm worried I've had... READ MORE

Timing for kenalog injections for scars...

I had a bellybutton scar revision from having a tummy tuck 1 yr ago. My scar was raised and darkened. It has only been 8 wks since the revision. I am... READ MORE

Do steroid injections for keloids have an effect on an unborn child?

I have a keloid on my chest and I have been getting steroid injections as part of my treatment; so far the scar has flattened considerably, but I was... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Nose and Sterioid Injections

Hello, I had scar from when I was a kid on the bridge of my nose. I had a scar revision done to remove the skin and now there are small bumps on the... READ MORE

Dermabrasion, Laser, or Steroid Injection to flatten a Trap Door Scar? (photo)

My 5-year old son fell about 18 months ago and developed a small "trapdoor scar" under his nose. It's actually healed pretty well (used to be much... READ MORE

How can I remedy this hypopigmentation that resulted from injection in scar? (photo)

Around 6/13 I received an injection to reduce the redness of a small scar that was no more than 2cm in diameter. Not only did the injection fail to... READ MORE

Intralesional Injections for Hypertrophic Scars, but no photos?

I have scoured the web for before & after photos of examples where intralesional injections (e.g., of a corticosteroid, Kenalog, 5FU, etc.) were... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my scar less visible? (Photo)

3 years ago i had a car accident and my cheek was hurt badly so they had to stitch it .about 11 stitches last year i had 8 fraxel laser sessions . .i... READ MORE

Treatment for scar under tattoo?

I had a tattoo covered a while back and the previous tattoo outline is still visible and raised (hypertrophic scar). I used silicone sheets and the... READ MORE

How Are Thick Caesarian Scars Treated with Injections? (photo)

I had a caesarian 4 years ago, and am left with a red thick caesarian scar. It is vertical instead of horizontal. I am considering have injections to... READ MORE

After a Keloid Injection (.4), when should I begin to see results? (photo)

I received an injection for a Keloid behind my ear 48 hours ago. When should I begin to see even the slightest results in terms of shrinkage? It's... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Scar

I have rhinoplasty alar base reduction february 03 2011, and on my left nostrils there is a scar from a deep stitch....i put dermatix because i know... READ MORE

Should I Get Cortisone Shots for 6 Week Old Mole Removal Scars? (photo)

I had two moles removed about 6 weeks ago from my chest. Before the procedure I asked if I was gonna be left with scars. I was told, don't worry... READ MORE

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