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Which Scar Healing Products Post Mohs Surgery on Forehead?

Can you please let me know what you think about my using scar healing products for my Mohs surgery scar on my forehead? I had my stitches removed a... READ MORE

Hole in leg. (photo)

Broke my leg about 7 years ago since then it's been like a big ballon but today I have noticed an hole in my scar. And leg all red and inflamed... READ MORE

As my post-inflammatory pigmentation is quite mild, will it heal? And if so, how long do you think it will take to heal? (Photo)

I had 2 scabs from the cup of the bra digging into both of my breasts. Eventually the scabs fell off. I am now left with a small red mark on one... READ MORE

Do I have scars or large pores? (Photos)

I'm really not sure whether all of the tiny marks on my face are scars or large pores. Also the clump of bigger scars on my right cheek, are these box... READ MORE

I need help to prevent a scar. Any suggestions?

I had applied tooth paste on an inflamed pimple thinking that it would reduce the inflammation. But somehow it burnt my skin and created a scab. I... READ MORE

Had liquid nitrogen done on face and left with really inflamed spot! Now what? (photo)

I had liquid nitrogen done on face for a supposed AK. It blistered, scabbed, came off. 45 days later I started accutane. The spot from liquid nitrogen... READ MORE

Will inflammation cause an incision to stretch or widen?

My daughter got impetigo around her incision which is on her forehead. The odd thing is that the impetigo did not go onto the incision, and did not... READ MORE

Can a 4 yo scar get infected? (photos)

30yoWF pierced nipples at 15/got scars on each side of each nipple looked like little balls/didnt look like keloids seen on ear piercings/been over 6... READ MORE

Should I take it out? (photo)

I got my industrial piercing about 2 or 3 weeks ago and it is growing a bubble of some sort, it looks similar to a keliod and its not directly on the... READ MORE

Do I need stitches for this cut or not? (photo)

I had this cut from a sharp new knife two days ago and I put cold water on it and lots of paper towels with pressure to stop the bleeding and... READ MORE

Has Extracellular Matrix been used to speed recovery from breast augmentation surgeries and the like?

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) reduces and prevents the formation of scar tissue, and reduces inflammation. To my untrained eye, it seems like it could... READ MORE

Can anything be done for a scarred eye socket?

I had severe inflammation, fat loss, fibrosis. Everything is stuck and I can barely lift my eyelid. This has reduced my eyes to looking tiny. They... READ MORE

Best non hydroquinon based cream or gel for lightening scar.

I've used products suggested by dermatologists like alphaquin with 4% hydroquinon and I've also use products you can find at any store with beauty... READ MORE

Best non hydroquinone based cream or gel for lightening scar? (Photos)

I've used products suggested by dermatologists like alphaquin with 4% hydroquinon and I've also use products you can find at any store with beauty... READ MORE

I burned my hand with hot oil while cooking. It left a bad scar. How do I make it go away? (Photo)

I was cooking and had an accident where my hand got into a pot of boiling hot oil. I saw a doctor who said I needed to get the burned layer of skin... READ MORE

Can scar on my ankle be moved higher to allow me to wear athletic shoes? (photos)

30 years ago, when I was a child, I had a large birthmark removed and a skin graft done on my left ankle. I am only able to wear flip flops and other... READ MORE

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