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What are the most effective at home remedies for lightening/refilling deep discolored scars as results of cold sores? (photos)

Two months ago I got two huge fever blisters on my upper lip. Once the infection began receding and the blisters scabbed I would moisturize the areas... READ MORE

How should dermabond-closed cut look after 7 days? Is this normal or should we be worried about infection? (Photo)

Our 7-year-old daughter got a cut just above her left eyebrow and it was closed with dermabond. The ER doctor said it would probably fall off in 5-7... READ MORE

How can I treat my 10 year old c-section scar? I think it's infected

I think my 10-year old c-section scar may be infected. It goes from dark red to bright red. Has a glassy look to it with small amount of discharge... READ MORE

Is my navel piercing infected, migrated or rejecting? (Photo)

I don't want to take it out is there anything I can do to save it? READ MORE

What is the best procedure for scar tissues resulted from infected skin abscess? (photo)

I had an infected skin abscess in my face a few years ago and now there are hard balls and swelled up tissues inside my right cheek. When I smile, the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the deep marks on my face? (photos)

Hi, i am vishal shetty, 28 years old. I suffered from herpes zoster on my face in 2011. I recovered from the infection in a month,but it left deep... READ MORE

Should I use Tretinoin Cream on scar tissue?

I have facial scaring on both sides of my face due to an infection that occurred when I had a face lift done 3 years ago. My dermatologist recently... READ MORE

Second Intention Healing of an Abdominal Scar?

Hi, I recently had a myomectomy. The abdominal scar was sutured but become infected after a week. The wound was reopened and healing was now second... READ MORE

Possible Facial Scarring After Getting Bit in the Face? (photo)

I was bit in the face during a fight.. the bite did not require stitches, it did however penetrate the dermis but wasn't determined how many layers it... READ MORE

Is my belly button infected? Freaking out. (photo)

I started scar therapy on Saturday and I peeled off today and my belly button looked like this. Its oozing from the bottom and crust like scabs on... READ MORE

Is there an effective way to heal my atrophic scar from an infected pimple? (photo)

I have had an atrophic scar caused by an infected pimple for the past 2 months. My dermatologist recommended Cicalfate, which I have been using for... READ MORE

Why won't excision improve my scars? (photo)

I have scars from a skin infection which bother me. I'd hoped to have them made smaller. I went to see a plastic surgeon about scar revision. He... READ MORE

Are my AstroTurf burns infected? (photos)

I need to know if my AstroTurf burns are infected, how I can treat them, and how long they will take to heal? READ MORE

My dog bit me and it has now formed small blisters on the bite holes. should I be concerned?

My dog bit me last night and it only bleed for a very short period of time. it was on my right index finger on the middle knuckle. it was tingling... READ MORE

I was burned about 2 months back and was grafted and Dr's keep saying my leg is fine. Any suggestions? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago they swabed my leg for infection and came back with MRSA. I was given antibiotics but my graft continued to seem to get more... READ MORE

What's the best way to use collagen tape while I'm on holiday, at the beach/swimming pool?

Im going on vacation when my scars are eight weeks old. I use collagene tape non-stop only off when I take a shower and the tape needs to be washed... READ MORE

A huge pus pimple scabbed and fell off and left a hole in my face. Will it heal and go away?

I had a huge pus filled pimple and a couple nights ago it oozed white pus and then last night it formed a scab and tonight i was washing my face and... READ MORE

I have had these dark scars on my leg for 4 years now. Are there any treatments for these scars? (Photo)

I wish I went to doctor's right away when I noticed the infection. I have waited too long. They are so embarrassing. I appreciate you response! READ MORE

Why is my sons 3rd degree burn turning black and staying like this now? (photos)

My son is 10 weeks out from his burn. He got a major infection and had 2 debridement surgeries. They used aqua cell on him instead of a skin graft.... READ MORE

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