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I Have an Indented Scar on My Forehead, What Treatments Do You Suggest?

From a childhood accident, it runs diagonally upward from my left eyebrow. Can this be improved? I would prefer laser treatments over surgical, but if... READ MORE

Will this laceration scar on my daughters eyebrow ever be barely noticeable? Will the deepness flatten? (photos)

On 7-3-2015, my daughter (4 years old) met her eyebrow open after falling against a table edge. The wound is closed with Indermil and 1 Steri-Strip.... READ MORE

My 4 month old scratched her cheek. Will an indented scar improve after a month?

My 4 month old scratched her cheek a month ago. It didn't seem bad and hardly bled. I put a little aquafor on it when it happened. It didn't really... READ MORE

Scolds from Boiling Water Scar?

I got scalded from boiling water when I was 18 months old. I'm now 28. I've had lots I skin gratfs over the years but nothing since i was 15. Is there... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions about a good effective treatment for my pitted scars? (photo)

I have tried microdermabrasion, chemical peels, single needling, dermarolling, rosehip oil, msm cream and many other creams and serums. Nothing is... READ MORE

My son got this scar around 3 months ago, I would like to know if the dent will get better with age? (photos)

I know the redness will probably fade but will the dent also get better with time? What is the best course of treatment to help it improve? READ MORE

Will the texture of this scar improve? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op of scar revision. I would like input on my scar. My concern is the indented line in the scar. Does this go away with time? I had... READ MORE

I Had a Parotidectomy Operation. Would Laser Treatment Improve the Scar at all?

And the scar (a modified blair's incision), has healed quite nicely into a thin white line. Would laser treatment, skin needling or dermabrasion... READ MORE

Can this old scar on my forehead be improved/minimized in any way? (photo)

I got this scar when i was around 6 and I am now 20 years old. I was told that it is a raised scar. This scar is just too much of a facial conflict... READ MORE

Scar on forehead; how to improve? (Photo)

Have this scar for almost one year now from an injury. It is straight, indented and a bit white. I have had two massages in the beginning and two... READ MORE

Is there treatment for an indented scar such as mine? (photo)

I was about 18th months and slipped and cut my lip on the radiator. I got stitches but then I pulled them out when I got home. It's been a big... READ MORE

2 months after chicken pox I used hydroquinone cream on scars. Now scars look well but I'm afraid of hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

My doctor suggest me to apply thin layer of hydroquinone cream . I use this cream for a month .now my scars r well. But I m afraid from... READ MORE

C section scar revision will this improve? (photos)

I had my scar revised 7 weeks ago . One side looks great but I'm worried about the other side . I now have a little fat roll here ?? Is it scar tissue... READ MORE

I have had scars on my legs and feet for over a year. What's my best course of treatment to effectively fade them? (Photos)

I've tried hydrocortisone creams and a triamcinole acetonide cream. I have one keloid scar on the side of my legs and several scars from shaving/... READ MORE

Hi,I have a forehead scar which is 20 years old.i fell from stairs when i was young.Is there any treatment to improve it?

The scar is very noticeable and as i am 23 now it has started to effect my self esteem.kindly,let me know how this scar can be improved .thanks READ MORE

How to improve deep scars?

I have gotten boils for the past 6 years, they have lightened up a bit now that I am older but the problem still persists. The deep purple scarring on... READ MORE

What should I do to improve a recent scar on my face?

I had a bike accident about 2 months ago. I flew off my bike and scraped my face on concrete. The injury that worried me most is between my nose and... READ MORE

What would be the best treatments to improve my scars from fingernail scratches on my face? Scars are +15 yrs old (Photo)

All scars/scratches happened when I was a kid. My left cheek is the most affected area with some scars on my forehead aswell. I also have a... READ MORE

Can I Expect the Appearance of my Scar to Improve?

Hello, I had surgery on my nostril about a year and a half ago. I am colorblind, so I'm not exactly sure how this scar looks. How does it look, and... READ MORE

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