Ice Pick Scar + Scars Treatment

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Icepick Scar Treatment

Can anyone suggest a good treatment for someone with icepick scars. See attached photos. I went to a derma today and she told me these were deep... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scar Problem After Exfoliation?

Hello, I noticed an ice pick scar on my face around two weeks ago, I have later noticed that this ice pick scar has stretched out in the last day. I... READ MORE

What to do with my ice pick scar after cautery? (photo)

I have this ice pick scar on my upper lip. it looks like an open pore at first so i decided to go to my derma and ask for some treatment . she adviced... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for icepick/boxcar scars for olive skin? Microneddling + Genesis or Punch excision + picosure?(photo)

I am 29 y, olive skin and I have been fighting against acne For 20 y. After use Accutane twice, now I want treat my scars. I have a icepick and boxcar... READ MORE

What treatments would be best for icepick & some boxcar scars on brown skin? (Photo)

I have brown skin, first of all, so not interested in lasers, but what would be the best treatment/treatments for my icepick & some boxcar scars... READ MORE

What type of procedure would best treat my forehead ice pick scarring and fine lines? (photos)

Not sure if my scars are all due to acne or not but I think I just have very low collagen and skin elasticity compared to most people. I no longer... READ MORE

What procedures do you recommend? (Photo)

Experienced patient with 3 sessions of Palomar 1540 nonablative, 2 ablative fractional lasers, 2 fractional CO2 non ablative lasers, 3 Dermapen... READ MORE

I'm looking for the best treatment for atrophic box scars and ice pick scars? (Photo)

I have atrophic box scars (Ice pick) on the crest of my chin. They appear deep in some areas and shallow in others, stretching as I gain weight. I am... READ MORE

Two days after TCA Cross for ice pick scars on nose (photos)

A dermatologist recently used TCA 80% with a toothpick for crater like acne scars on my nose. The wounds are white and weeping a little and I'm... READ MORE

What kind of scarring do I have and what treatment would be beneficial? (Photo)

I think I have boxscar and some Ice pick scars but they are relatively shallow (correct me if I am wrong) I have a derm appointment next week and she... READ MORE

Does anyone do TCA Cross in California?

Really need suggestions for a doctor. I've seen amazing results for icepick scars. READ MORE

I have large pores and superficial ice pick scars! What would be best for me? (Photo)

I have large pores and superficial ice pick scars !!! What woud be best for me ? tca cross or inmode fractora ? READ MORE

Can you recommend any treatment for 4 ice pick scars?

A doctor used a hot metal "pick" to cauterize (burn the holes) and now they are at least twice as big and deep as before the procedure. Help, any... READ MORE

Can icepick scars be treated with subcision?

Can small icepick scars the size of a pore be treated with subscision or is it used to treat bigger types of scars? Can subscision be performed on the... READ MORE

How Does Punch Graft Work for Ice Pick Scars?

I will have this procedure. My question is: the graft works as a permanet filler?, or rejoining with adjacent tissues? if after I clear up my skin, it... READ MORE

How Best to Treat Mild Spot (Not Acne) Scarring on Forehead with a Few Ice Pick Scars on Nose Without Damaging Lasers? (photo)

I have mild scarring on my forehead from an old wound and previous and occassionally reoccurring spots, not acne. (Ignore the red dots in the photo,... READ MORE

Ice-pick Scars Caused by TCA Peel- What Can Be Done?

6 weeks ago I had a TCA peel on my cheeks. They still haven't completely healed, even steroids couldn't deal with redness. Before TCA pell I... READ MORE

Can you recommend a dermatologist in Maryland who specializes in treating ice pick and depressed scars on the face?

Need a central Maryland dermatologist/specialist who has known successes in treatiing ice pick and depressed scars on both facial cheeks of a middle... READ MORE

My toddler has 2 small but unchanged pockmarks on his forehead from an injury 2.5 weeks ago. Can this still improve or go away?

I read that skin regenerates every 30 days. Looking for hope that scars of the "icepick" variety can still get better with more time. I thought baby... READ MORE

Random Scarring .. Rosacea .. Demodex ? Is there any way to stop this? Treat its appearance. Any help would be truly appreciated

I'm 23 years old . I used to have baby like skin until recently , I've been noticing new scars on my face , ice pick , box scars and rolling .. Which... READ MORE

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